Clark's Molly Bear

We have no shortage of Clark bears and lovies around here...and I kinda love it.  Everyone has their own Clark heartbeat bear, everyone has a bear made from Clark's camera swaddle he was in in the hospital...and, well, there are a few other bears we have for our sweet Clark that the kids love to love on.  

This past week we got a special surprise in the mail: Clark's Molly Bear arrived!  I had put in an order for this nearly 5 months ago -- and then, obviously, kinda forgot about it.  But that was okay -- this organization only opens up orders once a month and only takes a certain amount...and then it's usually several months before your bear arrives.  But it's worth the wait -- literally.  Because the bear that comes is the exact weight of your baby -- so for our Clark, his Molly Bear is exactly 2 pounds 12 ounces -- his exact weight he was when he was born.

I love this bear so so so much.  And I've been kinda stingy with it, having him sleep in my bed with me every night.

However, the big kids have been doing the cutest thing lately: gathering up alllllll of the Clark bears, including his new Molly Bear, and having family meetings with them, where they basically tell the bears all about the things that have been happening lately with our family.

Cue all of the tears and heart flutters.  I just love the hearts of these kiddos of mine and truly it makes me so so so happy that they are including their baby brother in as much as they can.  I hope and pray they never ever stop talking about their little brother Clark, and never stop including him (or his bears!) in all that they are doing.

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