Sunny Loves Her Humans

So Sunny is teeeeeeennnnny...and we frequently lose her 😳😲 a few nights ago when we were panicking and couldn’t locate her anywhere in the house, we decided to check in the kids’ room even though the door was closed...

She’s a contortionist apparently 😂 she does this anytime she sees their door closed because that means sleep and snuggle time on the other side ❤️I followed her antics last night and was able to capture it on video 😉

Is this not the cutest thing EVER?!?!  She does it whenever the door is closed (so has done it when Annie is napping and when the big kids are all sleeping) and cannot get enough snuggles with her human siblings.  

It's gonna suck when she gets bigger and can't fit...but for now, it's truly the cutest thing ever and I hope she never stops loving on these kids of hers -- because they sure love her so hard back!!

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