I feel like I maybeeeeee just made a post like this...then faked everyone out...BUT! This time it's for real people...

Meet Sunny! (Full name Sunflower ;-)

She is a {currently} 2 pound, 10 week old Shorkie (Shih Tzu + Yorkie) and has completely stolen our hearts!! She'll be about 8ish pounds full grown, so still a teeny tiny little lady.  We thought Scooter was small, but Sunny will only be able half of his size! And probably my favorite part about her: she's hypoallergenic, which means ZERO issues here with my allergies!! YAYYYYYY!!!

Patrick went with me on Tuesday to pick her up and she's absolutely perfect.  He actually got to pick her out, which was so fun, especially after his little heart broke a few weeks ago when we had to say goodbye to Pumpkin.

We then got to come home and surprise the girls and Ted...

...what an awesome surprise, huh?!?!  They are so in love!

They have all been sooooo smitten with's truly the cutest thing ever.  They wake up extra early (yay. not so much. haha!) to play with her and run in the driveway and all they can do with her before school starts.

She even got her first bath too!!  She's even cute when she looks like a drowned rat. HAHA!


She loves to race Teddy down to the bathroom at night for bath time too, which is so darn cute.

And I had to do a little photoshoot for Alexandria Mooney Photography too...cause, DUH.

You can follow along with Sunny's Adventures over on Facebook and Instagram if you're so interested.  I'm sure there'll be oodles more Sunny spam coming your way soon...get ready!

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