Patrick Snaps...and Edits!

It's no secret Patrick likes tagging along with me on my photo shoots...well, this past weekend he got to come again and ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT.

This dude really loves to come with me, and I just love seeing what he captures through his lens.  This time, he picked out 10 of his most favorite snaps from the day and edited them himself!

I gave him a crash course in Lightroom and let him go to town...and OH MAN.  Did he go to town indeed!  He cropped and edited and tweaked all of these pictures himself!  

Didn't he do amazing?! I am so biased but yes, he really has a little gift. I love his angles and perspective so much too! 

As always, I'm sure I'll be sharing the heck out of more of his snaps as he continues to tag along with me :) So impressed with this dude!!

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