Teddy at 10 Months

I cannot believe it...but here we are...just TWO months away from our littlest babe turning ONE!  Teddy is 10 whole months old today and I seriously cannot believe it.  I say it every month but Teddy time freaking flies by while everything else creeps by so infinitely slow. 

Ted turned 43 weeks old on Monday...so naturally I've got a funsie week 1-43 collage comin' at ya!

Ted continues to be a big dude...definitely up there for the biggest Mooney babe at 10 months old and it's so wild cause he was the smallest at birth!  He's definitely a bruiser, this one :) 

Keeping with our monthly photo shoot jam, I naturally oversnapped a million 10 month pics AGAIN so apologies for the Teddy spam...but I just can't help myself! 

He is definitely a mover this month and despite taking a million pics, these definitely were not easy to get! HAHA!  This was the hardest month ever for his monthly pics...he just would not stay still!!

I cannot believe I've only got 2 more months of these updates before we hit ONE...I mean, they do take me a good bit of time to write and snap so I won't miss that part, but it is bittersweet these monthly posts will be coming to an end soon.

We don't go back to the doc until Teddy is a year old, so you've got oodles of mom stats coming your way right now!

  • Teddy weighs 23 pounds and 12 ounces -- he's definitely a big dude!  Just a smidgen smaller than Patrick was at this age and bigger than both of the girls.  He is definitely a bruiser!!
  • I'm guessing he's around 30 inches or so...he just seems like a big tall dude!  
  • He's still rocking mostly 18 month clothes!  There's a few 12-18 month and 18-24 month he fits into (that run small/big), but for the most part he's hovering around the 18 month size mark.  I'm also in denial he's getting bigger so I'm squeezing him into all of his 18 month clothes for as long as possible cause I don't want him to get any bigger! HAHA!
  • Ted is still a great sleeper...however, this month we've had a bit of a regression??? I don't know if you even call it that...but Patrick spent a good part of the summer away from home, so Teddy lost his roommate.  Ever since Patrick got back from the lake and back in the boys' room, Teddy has been waking up between 12am - 4am ready to partyyyyyyy.  He'll see Patrick sleeping and be like HI HI HI SCREAM SCREAM HI HI LET'S PLAYYYY! And, well, that's no fun for anyone.  And I of course will race in to get Teddy up and feed him to put him back to sleep so Patrick doesn't wake up, but I hate doing that cause it teaches Teddy he can always scream and get me to come in (no likey).  So the past several nights Patrick has moved out and is sleeping in the girls' room and SHOCKER, Teddy's middle of the night wake ups have stopped!  So for right now, that's what we're doing...we'll see where we go from here with the boys' sharing a room!  One thing is for sure: Teddy just adores his big brother!
  • Naps are still wonderful for Ted and happening once a day.  Teddy usually goes down around 12 - 12:30pm and sleeps until 3 or 3:30ish most days.  He falls asleep so easily and usually naps for a solid 2.5 to 3 hours each day, which is awesomeeeeeeeee.
  • Teddy is eating all sorts of foods, and still a combo of purees and whatever we're eating.  I will say, those pouches are so darn easy for quick feeds, and Ted seems to sure like them!  He's also really liked whatever we are having too, and uses those chompers of his to mash them up.  Honestly he hasn't met anything he hasn't enjoyed yet...minus avocados.  Other than that, you put it in front of him: he will eat it.
  • JUST started crawling this past week!  I swear he gets better and better with moving every single day and, unlike his older siblings, never really got the 'rolling' thing down to move...this kid went straight from sitting to crawling it seems!  He does like to get up on all 4s (and sometimes will balance on his head/hands and feet too!) and wiggle that way.  He LOVES to stand up and while he hasn't pulled up to standing on his own yet, I feel like it's coming soon.
  • Little dude has four teeth -- two down below and two up top, and there are 2 more about to pop through any day on the top it seems!  He doesn't seem to be fazed at all by his new pearly whites and still seems to be his same content little self. 
  • At Teddy's 9 month appointment he got diagnosed with eczema -- he has some spots on his face, belly and legs and they will randomly flare up (it does seem that heat/sweat exacerbates the flare ups more?!??!) but we've found some cream combos that are *fingers crossed* working well for now.  So hoping that stays!
  • Was suppose to start one day a week of Parents' Day Out but DANG IT COVID, that got put on the backburner until they can staff the infant room again...and, well, I'm not holding my breath it's gonna happen again this year.  I hope I'm pleasantly surprised!
  • Still very much an avid thumb sucker, and seems to be always the left thumb!  It's his go-to soother and if he's tired or anything, in it goes!
  • Loves playing with his bin of toys so much -- you can set him down on the floor and put his toys in front of him and he'll just play and play and play with them!  Now that he can crawl he's able to go over and retrieve his toys too and crawl on back to where he was.
  • Absolutely adores his big siblings SO SO SO MUCH and literally lights up and starts to scream laugh whenever they walk in the room and he seems them (back to above with the reason why he and Patrick are currently not sharing a room...) -- I hope he always has this adoration for them, and I hope they always have that for him too!
  • Ted super loves going on walks in his stroller or the wagon -- like if he's ever fussy or needing a pick me up, this is what we do and he looooooooves it so much!  It's usually Mike's go to as well to get Teddy boy nice and happy.
  • He's been going to the store with me a few times more recently and really loves riding in the Tula.  I think he loves getting out of the house and looking around and seeing all of the people when we are out shopping.  Definitely likes his uppies!
  • We've gone to the park a few times since they're thankfully back open and Teddy LOOOOOVES the swings!  He gets so excited and giggles and laughs and it's truly the best sound in the entire world to hear him enjoy swinging!
  • Nicknames still include: Ted, Teddy Boy, Tedster, Mister Tedster, Mister, Mister Man, Mister T, Tedward, Ted Bed, Ted Man, Teddy Bear, Bug, Teddy Graham...he's got a LOT of names we call him, that's for sure! And he seems to respond to all of them! haha!
And now, the best part...comparison snaps!

And my favorite, all of the kiddos at 10 months old!

Welp friends, that's all I've got for this 10 month round-up with our little Teddy Bear.  Just one more to go before the one after that will be his ONE YEAR POST! GAHHHH! Where oh where is the time going?!?!  We love you so much Teddy boy!

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