Rosie Writes!


There's one thing for sure about Rosie: girlfriend loves to write!  Lately she has been spending SO MUCH TIME writing any and everything -- but I think her favorite is writing all of our names!

Doing school online is tough -- especially for a 5 year old with a limited attention span.  I usually notice she is always playing with something to 'keep her hands busy' -- like play doh -- but lately, she's half watching her teacher on her iPad, and the rest seemingly focused on writing words on her dry erase board.

And you know what?! 

That is okay.  It's 100% okay.  Because if that's what it takes to keep her little mind focused (even if it's semi-focused) while doing this craziness at home, I'll take it.  

And doesn't she have great handwriting too?! I'm so proud of her!!  I cannot wait to see what else she creates this year :) And hopefully gets to create back in the classroom soon too!!

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