12 weeks.

12 weeks today!  Woot woot!  One more week until my second trimester starts, and I'll gladly be welcoming it in with open arms.  After all of the weekend wedding festivities and Patrick finally getting over whatever little virus/bug he had, I am officially exhausted...and it's only Thursday!  Ha!  In all honesty though, I am tired, but I don't think anywhere near as tired as I was with Patrick...whether that's because my body knows I can't be that tired, or just isn't (maybe the Juice Plus I've been poppin' is giving me more energy!), who knows.  As far as the nausea goes, that is still definitely hanging around, but not nearly as bad as the first few weeks.  I'm really hoping it's dying out...although what has been going full-throttle this week are my allergies.  HOLY KLEENEX KILLER ALEX!  I think I've gone through 5 boxes this week alone.  My allergies are outta control.  My miracle nose spray is not an option either; I can't take that until 28 weeks (boo hoo!)...so I'll just suffer with silent sniffles.  Benadryl works wonders though, but I can only take that before bed because it knocks me out.  Ahhhh, the lovely life of someone with awful allergies.

Okay, can we take a look at how much I've popped since last week?!!  OMG.  I posted this pic earlier this week on IG notating how much I'm showing already, but dang.  I'll say it again: you show so much earlier with your second kiddo!  Crazy!

With that said, I've shockingly (to me!) haven't gained any weight at all...I've actually lost 4 pounds since my last doctor's appointment.  Now, I most definitely have not been "trying" to not gain (or heck, lose!) any weight, but it definitely hasn't been packing itself on crazy fast as it did with Patrick.  I think by 12 weeks last time I was already up 10-15 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, and now I'm down 4.  The body sure is crazy, isn't it?!!  I'm sure my new job--where I spend all morning running up and down steps and across campus to help people with tech issues--is contributing to that non-gain.  I know all of a sudden I will just "pop" even more and start packing on the pounds (because I'm a firm believer that no matter what, your body will gain exactly what it needs to to support that growing baby), but until then, I'll enjoy my little bump I've been given.

I did go to the doc last Friday for a check up and all looks well with #2!  She had a hard time distinguishing on the fetal doppler between my and the baby's heartbeat...so she whipped out the ultrasound to take a quick peak to check on the baby, and all is well!  Nice strong heartbeat at 130 fluttering away on the screen!  No print out of the picture--this was not the newest ultrasound machine :)  And for all you old wives tale people, Patrick's heartbeat was always in the 150s (which, according to the tale, means he should have been a girl), so I just want to leave you with that :)  Maybe I'll do a post of the old wives tales and how they lined up with Patrick's pregnancy...just to give you gender predictors out there something to use to prove/disprove your gender thoughts... :)

Well that's about all I've got to update this fine Thursday morning...here's to a productive last couple days of the week--with hopefully minimal nausea and allergy attacks--and a fantastic weekend!

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