Visiting the Pond

If you're a follower of myself on the Instagram, you'll have noticed an excessive amount of pictures of Patrick with his great grandma Goose.  Recently Goose has left her nest and landed herself at her new home at the Pond (see what I did there?!! haha!)--Mike has lovingly named her nursing home "The Pond", because, duh, that's were Geese live!

since Goose missed seeing this dapper little dude at Erin and Curtis' wedding last week, we strapped on his tux and had him visit his Goose looking handsome and dapper.  SPOILER: she LOVED it.

We know how tough it is on Goose to leave the home she lived in for 60+ years and move into a new place--especially a place that can be downright depressing on most days.  However, despite that, as a family we knew that the Pond would be the best place for her and to give her the care and support that she needs that we (okay, my aunt Kate!) couldn't give her 24/7.  

the resident cat that Patrick LOVES.  We think he thinks it's a black and white Scooter.

Despite Goose complaining about her new residence (this is nothing new, Goose sure likes to voice her opinion on any and everything!), as soon as her "Monkey Head" (her name for Patrick) walks in, she immediately perks up and her day is made.  Patrick will run up to her with his arms wide open and try and climb up her lap--his favorite thing (and Goose's it seems too!) is to go for a "stroller ride" (i.e. ride on Goose's lap in her wheelchair) around the Pond.  Goose LOVES this--she just beams when she's cruising around and showing her Monkey Head off to everyone--residents or staff--that we pass.  It really is the cutest thing ever.

We try and get up to see her as much as we can during the week (it's nice that the Pond is only a few miles from our house), but we wish we could go there every single day.  The fact that Patrick lights her up so much is reason enough to try and squeeze in a visit--however long or short--as often as we can.  He truly is her best medicine, and we try and give it to her as much as possible!

Anyways, not really sure about the point of this post, other than to show of some adorable pics of Goose and her little buddy, and to tell how much Patrick enjoys seeing his Goose (as do we!) and vice versa.  We love our Goose so much and will do anything that will make her happy!  I hope and pray that she gets to see her little Monkey Head (and future ones!) grow up for years to come!

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