Tuesday Tidbits.

I just realized that September is HALFWAY over and I've blogged a whopping TWO times since this month started.  WHAT.THE.HECK.ALEX.  Seriously.  So uncharacteristic of me.  Every month it seems that I've been right around the 10 post mark, and this month I'll be lucky if I hit half that.  Geez.  Pathetic.  But alas, I muscle through and stay committed to el blog here, despite being in a seemingly post-rut.  Ugh.

Anyways, I thought on this fine Tuesday afternoon I'd do a little Tuesday Tidbits--just some bits and pieces of what's been happening at the Mooney homestead a'lately.  It's riveting. j/k.  But there's cute Patrick pics so stick around for those.

First off, if you don't have the Shutterfly app downloaded on your phone, DO IT NOW.  Seriously.  Seemingly every week they send exclusive freebies (or incredible coupons) to their app users.  I have cashed in on soooooo many free photo items (that genius here is stockpiling for Christmas gifts already. Niceeeee) and just had to pay shipping.  One of the things I can disclose that I've gotten is a free photo book...so naturally I made a little coffee table book of all of my #PatrickandWalter pics.  It's awesome...and even awesomer cause it was free.

So Patrick has turned into a ham.  Well, I guess just has evolved into an even bigger one.  Now when he sees my phone out WITH the flash on, I get these types of pics.  I die.  This kid is gonna get anything he wants outta me (thanks Grace for coining the term I call myself now, a "mothersucker".)

I've been doing oodles of photoshoots lately, which is awesome, because the weather is starting to turn more fall-like and these are hands-down my favorite pics to take--just before sunset on a crisp sunny fall day.  Just gorgeousssssss.

One of my recent photoshoot clients (and high school softball buddy!) made these awesome pumpkins for Patrick and Lizzy...so naturally we got the babes together and snapped some ah-dorable pics of them holding their pumpkins.  So freaking cute.

We went to the Greentree Festival and parade this weekend.  We went last year too, but Patrick was like 4 months old and all "whatever" with his enjoyment factor.  Not this year--this kid LOVED the parade (and made a killing with his candy haul!) and loved walking around the Festival and checking out all of the cars (especially his great Aunt Kate's 1966 Mustang!) at the car show. 

This really is one of our favorite times of the year--and one of my favorite memories growing up--and now that we're back in kwood it's great that our kiddos will get to continue the traditions that both Mike and I grew up with.

Also, I got Patrick a puffy vest and it's my new favorite thing ever.  Marty McFly's homeboy.

Well, those are about all the tidbits I've got for this fine Tuesday.  This weekend is going to be a doosey: Mike's sister Erin is getting married on Saturday, and we ALL are in the wedding.  It's going to be amazing.  Stay tuned for a {hopefully soon!} post all about the festivities and Patrick's adorableness in ring bearer responsibilities.  Maybe I'll get my lazy keister to type another blog post up BEFORE that big event this weekend...no promises.  This mama has been busy (and tiredddd).

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