22 weeks.

22 weeks down, 17 to go!  WAHOOOOOO!  I can't believe I'm well-passed the halfway mark--it really is kind of surreal how fast this pregnancy seems to be going.

My biggest concern this week is my clothing--I'd say 90% of my tops are too short and creep up exposing my lovely full-panel band in my pants.  Whaaaaaaatttt?!!  Already?!!  I swear I didn't have this problem till 34+ weeks last time!  So I've resorted to wearing an Old Navy extra long maternity tank underneath every.single.shirt. I wear.  It seems to be working for now...I hope it keeps up.  My friends reassured me that my shirts will continue to stretch (oh, I have no doubt) but even though they're stretching outward they're not stretching DOWN to cover where my pants start...so the white tank it is under everything!  Luckily it is winter so layers are okay.  I am so thankful I am not super pregnant in the summer--I don't know how any of you who have had summer babies (or fall babies) manage that!  No thank you.

I posted the above pic earlier this week, because it basically sums up this:
Yup.  The past 15+ straight nights this is about how I feel.  I was SO READY for Mike to be off 12 hour night shifts and actually get a day off.  Thankfully, right after I posted that the mandatory 12 hour shifts were lifted (hallelujah!) and he was back on his regular 8 hour shifts WITH his days off.  Thank the good Lord above.  He was actually off the past 2 nights and it was glorious to have him home after school (first time in over 2 weeks!) and for Patrick's bedtime routine.  He's back to work tonight (boo hoo), but I'm so glad he's got his days off back and only 8 hour shifts--I can manage that schedule.  For all you out there who's significant other does 12 hour shifts for a living: God bless you.  I don't know how you do it.  I mean, I think I could do it if he had DAYS OFF with them, but the past 2 weeks there was no reprieve and it was just terrible.  Thankful to have my cop home with me and the little guy again!

So that's about all that's been going on for week 22!  Still oodles of movement (and getting stronger too--Mike can feel it now whenever he touches my belly!  Love that) and feeling overall pretty good.  I think it was around week 25 last time when I started getting my killer back aches and pains--luckily nothing even remotely close to that this time.  I've only gained about 5lbs thus far (I think I was up 25lbs at this point last time! yikes! haha) so I'm sure that's helping too--all baby! :)  Until week 23, adios muchachos!

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