Lovers' Key Beach

Today we went to Lovers' Key Beach which is just north of Bonita Springs, where we are staying.  We went with my cousin Jack and his fiancee Steph, and, oh boy, did they pick a fantastic beach on a gorgeous day!  Seriously.  It was so nice--white sand beaches, blue water that wasn't too chilly, and a nice little breeze.  Definitely a slice of paradise for these Mooneys!

Patrick absolutely LOVED the beach (again!)!  He had a blast, and the video below shows pretty much exactly what he did for the few hours we were there: he'd run up to our chairs, then run down to the water, then back again!  He giggled and loved it the entire time.  It was so cute.

We brought sandwiches and ate them with some chips and other sides on the beach for lunch--and Patrick enjoyed feeding his leftovers to the seagulls.

I, of course, brought my big camera again and underwater camera as well so I could snap some more beach pics of my little man--cause who knows when we'll be back to the beach again!  Chances are it won't be when Patrick is a singleton child anymore!

We really had a blast at the beach and couldn't have asked for better weather, better company, or a better behaved little boy!  His whining was at a minimum today--thank the good Lord.  I cannot wait until he can form more words and sentences and actually tell us what he wants instead of just whining.  In good time Alex, in good time.

Patrick fell asleep about 3 seconds after we strapped him into his carseat.  Dude was tireddddd.

We ended our beach trip at a local ice cream place (had to wake the little guy up for it), where kids get their ice cream for free!  Patrick was very excited about this.  Side note: this ice cream is ah-mazing.  We've had it a few times since we've been down here already and it's delish.  I'm totally going to miss the chocolate peanut butter with the chocolate dipped waffle cone with sprinkles back in STL.

Patrick then passed out as soon as we got back (as did Mike!) and I spent nap time editing pics and writing this here blog post!  Hope you enjoyed our pics--I sure enjoyed taking them! :)

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