24 weeks.

24 weeks = in the books.  Wowza.  I can't believe how fast it's going, because every week I sit down to write a weekly pregnancy post and I feel like I just finished writing last weeks!  Craziness!  I bet these next couple weeks will fly by even faster, since I'll be on Christmas break, and breaks always seem to move about a trillion times faster than when I'm working.  I've got a month left in this 2nd trimester then I'll be in the final stretch--I still can't believe it.

Anyways, nothing too exciting for week 24, except I had my 24 week OB appointment earlier this week and #2's heartbeat was a'thumpin' strong in the 150s.  Yep.  Still thinking girl right now.  I also want to note that the lovely linea nigra line that I swear graced me from way early on with Patrick is no way at all evident on my growing tummy...yet.  I mean, it's still got about 15 weeks to show itself, but I read somewhere that when it's the full belly and more prominent it means you're having a boy, and when it's less prominent, only the bottom part from your belly button down and/or not there at all, it means a girl.  Again, old wives' tale, but I KNOW I had it by this point last time with Patrick and I have not even the smallest trace of a darkened line on my belly with #2.  So we will see if that tale pans out.  At my appointment my doc also gave me that delicious glucose test drink I get to chug before my next visit.  Am I the only one who absolutely loves this stuff?!  It tastes like sweet gatorade.  And I got the orange flavored kind too which I'm kinda jazzed about.  Although, if I fail this glucose test I will not be excited to have to do another (3 hour! oh the horror!) test and potentially disrupt my careful, probably sugar-loaded diet I'm on.  Eeekkk, let's just hope I enjoy this one glucose test and not have to repeat it or be diagnosed with the dreaded gestational diabetes.

Today is officially my LAST day of school before winter break starts and I am oh-so-excited.  I get 2+ weeks off with my boys (and a sneaky vacay down to Florida in there!) along with oodles of family time for the holidays.  I.CANNOT.WAIT.  I hope I continue to feel as good as I have been and this pregnancy continues to sail by without any major issues or hiccups.  Until week 25 (and Christmas! eekkk!), adios!

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