A January Sunday

STL was in for a real treat this weekend: some unseasonably warm very spring-like weather!  While yesterday we spent all day inside, thanks to Patrick getting a new big boy Cardinals room (which, by the way, he LOVES, and slept amazing for both nighttime and nap in his new crib and room! woo hoo!)...

my little bro Charlie custom built this changing table/diaper storage for us! I LOVE IT!

We spent today (well, until nap time) outside playing!  It was so nice--about 50 degrees and sunny--that it screamed for us to go outside.  Originally we were going to spend this morning cleaning the house, but instead we decided to tag-team the house (thank you Mike!) last night at 9pm after Patrick went to bed so we could enjoy family and outside time today--best decision ever.

Anyways, so we decided to take a walk down the path to the "park" (aka local elementary school with a playground a few blocks away), and I of course brought my big camera to snap some pics--who knows when it'll be nice out again!

I'm so glad I brought my camera--and Patrick happened to be wearing an adorable outfit (and his Marty McFly vest, as my mom calls it :) WITH his sunglasses that he kept on 90% of the time (this still shocks me).

like father like son.

one of my favorite shots from today.

haha! Scooter's like "nope nope nope. not gonna happen."

I just love how these pics turned out--and I love how Patrick loves (and demands!) to walk Scooter.  They truly are best friends.  Hope you enjoyed these pics from this beautiful (and rare!) gorgeous STL Sunday in January!

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