Taking Stock

Wow.  My last taking stock post was right before Thanksgiving...and I figured today would be a good day to do another one, seeing as these are oodles of fun to type up and reflect on what I'm doing right now.  So hang on tight, here goes another one:

Making: My list of things we still need (okay, not need, but want) for #2.  This consists of recommendations from friends (Baby ShusherMerlin's Magic Sleep Suitnursing coverstroller adapter, etc...) of things that we didn't have for Patrick but would like for #2.

Cooking: NADA!  Thinking about what I may cook for dinner tonight and actually texting Mike (to start our nightly "what do you want for dinner?" battle early) about it.

Drinking: Agua.  Lots and lots of water these days.  This mama is thirstyyyyyyy lately.

Reading: Orange is the New Black -- so I've already binge watched the first two seasons on Netflix, but I'm going back and reading the book and, despite already seeing the show, am very much enjoying it.

Wanting: The new Apple Watch.  I so badly want this.  My rumor mill has it pinned in coming out in March--perfect timing for a pre-#2 gift to myself, right?!

Looking: At my buddy Lauren's recent blog post and laughing hysterically.  Mom fails are so darn funny to me.  Laughing with you buddy.

Playing: My favorite "movie tunes" playlist--a compilation of my favorite theme songs from various movies.  It is awesome and never gets old (and makes me want to go watch all of these movies STAT).

Wishing: It were Friday so I could sleep in tomorrow.  I mean, I don't really "sleep in", but it'd be nice to be woken up by "maaaaa! up peassss!" instead of my stupid alarm clock.

Enjoying: This pregnancy.  Really, I truly am, and very thankful for the almost 29 weeks I've been preggo with #2.  I'm trying to savor every little thing--good or bad--because, who knows, it could be my last (I hope not, but you never know!).

Loving: The fact that I passed my 3-hour glucose test on Friday, and don't have to cut out my beloved donuts and ice cream.  I cannot tell you how much I love this and how happy this makes me.

Pondering: Dinner tonight.  What are we gonna have?  Chances are Mike will have to work late so it may have to be something on the fly.  Hmmmm.  Trying to decide what sounds good...which is so hard these days.  I'm the pickiest eater EVER.

Considering: Taking #2's own newborn pics.  I'd prefer to hire someone so I could actually be in them, but the more I think about it, the more I'm leaning towards actually doing them on my own and staying out of them (or training Mike to take a few with me in them).  Hmmmm.  Would save some money to do them myself...

Watching: My Google+ feed for any new posts about cool tech tools for the classroom that I can pass on to my fellow teachers and staff members.  Hint: this is where I find most of my tech tools--I steal them from what others have posted!  Hehehehe

Needing: 3 things (as I just told my mama on the phone...but Mike says we don't "need" these but more so I "want" them.  Whatevs.  I think we need them!): a new couch for our family room, a minivan, and a new tv for our basement.  We also need to sell our house in the city first before we get any of these...so I guess that's really 4 things I'm needing!

Wearing: OMG.  The best headband EVER!  My new donuts headband from Brady Bands.  LOVE IT.


Noticing: How my panel in my pants does NOT want to stay up anymore with my gigantic growing belly, and literally falls down whenever I stand up and walk.  May be time to retire my beloved half-paneled khaki maternity pants for my full-panel ones.  Boo hoo.

 Pretty darn good!  Seriously, not much to complain about and guzzling my water helps with this crazy coming-and-going third trimester nausea that has seemed to creep up on me the past week or so.

Admiring: The pictures on my desk of when my little man was little, and how he definitely isn't anymore but instead a full-blown toddler with quite a personality!  I love seeing the little guy he's growing in to!

Sorting: My schedule/planner (it's on paper!  Shocker!!) for the next week or so seeing what I have planned to teach, tech trainings I have to offer, and meetings I have to attend.  I'm kinda busy it seems!

Buying: Patrick new shoes--these bad boys--since big foot has outgrown his old ones.  Dude is in a size 7 now.  Wowza.

Getting: Really excited about #2's arrival (10.5 weeks to go!) and finding out if it's a boy or girl.  I cannot wait to have a newborn again (I don't think I was this excited when I was preggo with Patrick) and seeing Patrick as a big brother.  I really am so excited I cannot wait.

Bookmarking: Photo shoot ideas on Pinterest for my upcoming shoots I've got: engagement, newborn in the hospital, 1 year old--so many exciting ones!  Hoping the weather stays nice too so we can do some of these outside!

Disliking: The fact that I can't spend every single minute of every single day with my little guy.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my job and what I do, but I also love being a mom and watching my little man grow up.  Sure makes the time I get to spend with him so much sweeter.

Feeling: #2 wigglin' and a'movin' all over my belly.  Best.feeling.in.the.world.  Definitely my favorite part about being pregnant.

Snacking: Jelly Belly tropical mix jelly beans (the only thing I had in my backpack since I'm still hungry after lunch).  They'll do.  Wish I had a donut though.

Coveting: The next 10.5 weeks where Patrick is our only child and giving him all of our love and attention...because soon afterwards he's going to have to get real good at sharing with his sibling!

Wishing: That this unseasonably warm January weather would hang around for a bit.  Sunny and almost 50?!!  I'll take it!  I swear it makes my mood better!  (Although I do love snow days.  I'd gladly take a snow day thrown in the mix every now and then!)

Helping: Via text a friend with some cloth options for when her babe arrives later this year.  Not pushing cloth (I do love it though!!), but providing her with lots of details and the ins and outs if she so chooses to go that route).

Hearing: The gentle hummmm of my computer and the punch of the keys as I type this.  My movie tunes playlist is over and I haven't started any new music...but I will now that I'm in tune to not having anything playing!

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