35 weeks.

35 weeks!  ...and the nesting effect has set in full force this past week.  I don't know if it's friends having their babies (congrats Tiff!!!!) or what set me into motion, but this past week I was like, "OMG need to get everything ready for #2 stat!"  So yeah, did a lot of bringing baby stuff up from the basement and getting things washed (like ALL of the size 1 cloth diapers and 0-6 month baby clothes!) and ready to go for #2's arrival, including my hospital bag -- I even made a list of all of the stuff I still need to grab/pack before hospital departure as well.  Even though I hopefully have another 4.5 weeks until his/her's arrival, I still want to be prepared JUST IN CASE someone decides to make their entrance into this world a little earlier.  And I really hope my preparedness definitely solidifies that this kid is not coming before his/her eviction date on April 6th -- cause that's how it always happens, right?!  You're not prepared = they come early.  You are prepared = they come late (or not early!).  Hoping that's the case!

I'm still feeling pretty good!  This week I've definitely felt way more tired than I have been in a long time, especially at the end of the day.  I've also had some more (upper) back pain as well lately, which still makes me think #2 is sitting higher than Patrick did.  I mean, overall, I can't complain too much, because compared to 35 weeks with Patrick I feel amazingly better than I did with him, but I still want to note the minor annoyances this week :)  I think I had/have a touch of a sinus infection too -- luckily my fabulous allergist got me hooked up with some antibiotics so I'm hoping to kick this ASAP.  Gahhhh, this stupid winter won't let up!  I feel like with the constant teetering back and forth between cold and not cold hasn't really allowed anything a good deep freeze and therefore all of the sickness-causing germs don't go away.  I am very excited to welcome spring with open arms.

Last weekend we had my sister in law's 30th birthday party and I got "fancied up" a wittle more than I usually do.  Thankfully I had a maternity dress from the last time I was pregnant for my Hall of Fame induction at my high school to wear, so that was good.  I paired that with a white sweater and some black Toms and I felt way more dressy than I have in a long while.

Also, I found my favoriteeeeee color in a maternity shirt at Target last week!  I was way excited.  It matches our hallway bathroom perfectly :) haha -- but I love the aqua color AND it just so happens to be my favorite Applecheeks diaper color that Patrick (and #2) has as well!  So yay, little victories.

I have another OB appointment this Monday.  Curious to see if #2 is still measuring big on the outside and if I'll score another ultrasound before his/her arrival.  I'm still shocked that I haven't gained any weight since week 29 (probably thanks to the excessive amount of stairs and walking I do all day everyday at work, then chasing a toddler around all night), but I'm okay with that too.  Less to lose later, right?!!  Anyways, that's about all I have for week 35...until week 36: enjoy this fun little every-5-week comparison collage. Adios friends!

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