Spring Break! (take 2)

So I'm holding good on my previous post's promise that I'd do a take 2 of our spring break with the rest of the week's happenings.  Exciting, isn't it?!

Anyways, so on Wednesday, after a fairly low key day on Tuesday (after my ah-mazing massage, lunch at Fuzzy Taco with my mom and aunt Kate (or Kiki as Patrick calls her), and my dad over for dinner), we hit up the Magic House for the first time EVER (I know.  Shocking.  The kid's almost 2.  Oops.) with our friends Ann and Emma.  They are members, so they treated us to the Magic House on Wednesday and we are Zoo members so we treated them on Monday--see how nice that worked out?!

To say Patrick had a blast would be an understatement, because he SCREAMED AND CRIED like I was ripping off his leg with my teeth when it was time to go (his new thing.  It's lovely.  NOT.  But, as my mom said, "Aren't you glad he's got an opinion and is strong-willed rather than just complacent?!"  Yes, mom, you are right.  It's just it happens ALL.THE.TIME. now whenever we leave (even when we turn around to head back home from a walk) and it's a massive tempter tantrum.  The terrible 2s have started and he's not even 2 yet.  Yee-haw!  Here we go!).

Anyways, so trying to put aside the screaming fit for not wanting to leave, I try and remember how much fun he had while we were there.

I probably took way too many pics (ha! good one Alex), but oh well.  It was his first trip there and I wanted to document it!

He really loved this pin wall thing, and I really loved this scary as hell gem of his face/body imprint from the other side.  Sheesh, looks like it could be out of a horror movie, huh?!!  Yikes.

He totally dug the mirror maze thingy too -- oodles of Patricks all around him.

These spiral stairs were a hit too.  There was a slide at the top (oops.  Didn't capture a pic of that) that he really liked going down...A LOT.

This sand thing was probably his favorite.  He loved scooping the sand and dumping it down the funnel thingy, over.and.over.again.  A screaming fit ensued here as well when after 20 minutes it was time to move on (helllooooo crowded) to another room.

This was always one of my favorite spots in the Magic House when I went when I was younger (and the Magic House was way smaller)--the hidden staircase!

Patrick was less than impressed with the static ball thingy.  Whatevs.  I thought it was fun and his hair was hilarious. 

So after a tantrum leaving the Magic House, we decided to hit up Chick'Fil'A with Ann and Emma.  This was a genius move: because not only is this the hands-down best run, well-managed, and clean fast food restaurant out there, they had a play place too that Patrick and Emma played for a good half hour in and Ann and I could just sit and chill.  It was amazing.  We may have to hit this up again before Mike gets back because it's an amazing babysitter and allows me to sit for more than .2 seconds.  Oh, and yes, Patrick threw another royal fit when it was time to leave there too.  Can you say NAP TIME?!

I then dropped Patrick off at my mom's and headed to my last official photoshoot before #2 comes.  OMG.  Little Brody, who turned one on 3/18 was a little ham!  ALL of his pics turned out amazing!  And we were able to squeeze in the shoot before it got too cold and rainy (uh, what happened to 80 and sunny earlier this week STL?!! humph.).

I headed home to edit pics before Patrick woke up and then my mom texted me this gem: 

DYING.  He also had the same color (Appletini) diaper on as well that all matched.  So of course I had to post it on social media, cause that's the good mom I am.

Later on Wednesday we headed up to the Pond to have dinner with Goose.  Patrick decided to entertain all of us with shoving two giant grapes in each of his cheeks and grinning from ear to ear.  I was dying AGAIN.  This kid kills me!

After the Pond we made a quick run to Schnucks for some much-needed groceries and then headed home because it was bedtime for both me and Patrick, cause oh lordie, was I tired.  37 weeks pregnant, officially full term, and this mama was exhausted.  Patrick also indulged in some peppers and milk before bed at the regular table--he picked that snack out himself.  I fear this might be the beginning of the end of his high chair usage!  NOOOOOO!  I like him in his high chair (for now at least)--it keeps him and his mess relatively contained.

Thursday we did absolutely nothing and it was glorious.  Not gonna lie, I was pooped--I was officially 37 weeks pregnant (full term! woot!) and just tiredddddd, so we (me) decided to have a veg out day.  We did nothing and it was amazing.

Okay, we didn't do 'nothing', but we definitely chilled most of the day.  We went on a quick run to Target, where Patrick had to bring his green Mustang he swiped from his great aunt Kate's car...

(He brings that car everywhere now!), and then we hit up Noodles and Company with our buddy Lauren.  Then, we both took naps when we got home which felt ah-mazing.  We literally spent the rest of the evening chilling at home waiting (anxiously, not so patiently!) for Mike to get back from his trip.  

When Mike got home he was back for literally 10 minutes before we dropped Patrick off at grandma and grandpa's for a sleepover (with his cousin Lizzy too!) and Mike and I headed out to play trivia for Matt (Mike's brother)'s birthday.

Friday, my last official day of spring break was very chill as well -- I actually woke up with an awful headache, so after I picked up Patrick I literally sat on the couch until lunch time then decided to take a nap instead of getting a pedicure with my sister in law, in hopes that I'd wake up feeling better and want to hit up the fish fry that night (our Lenten Friday tradition!).

Luckily when I woke up I felt oh-so-much better, and I soireed Patrick outside for some pics (had to!  First day of Spring!  GORGEOUS 60 degrees!) before we headed out for dinner.

We then hit up a fish fry in the city, so Mike could meet us from work, and it was delicious.  I'm such a sucker for popcorn shrimp!  I did manage to snap this pic of Patrick in front of Mike's van too.  Love this.

Since we were already down in the city, we just had to (HAD to!) hit up Ted Drewes for some ice cream after dinner as well.  Patrick was thoroughly impressed and enjoyed his custard...a whole lot.

We then headed home (sans Mike...again...gahhhhh! What a long week!  At least he's off the next few days.  WOOT!!!), hit up the bath ASAP (because someone was wearing their dinner and dessert a whole lot), chased Scooter around for a hot minute, and then went to bed.  Mama was tired (Patrick?  Not so much but too bad, I was!!) and wanted to catch up on some Bates and Duggars reality TV before I passed out!

All in all, this was a great spring break week--I think the only thing that could have made it better would have been if Mike were in town.  Oh well, at least we get him home all weekend before we both have to go back to work next week.  Crazy to think about that we only have 17 days until #2 makes his/her debut and this was probably one of final alone times with just Patrick as our only kiddo--kinda bittersweet.  Nonetheless, a great spring break was had (albeit tiring!) and some great memories made!

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