Ice Skating! & Other Saturday Adventures

What a Saturday!  And it's not even over yet!  Mike is off this weekend (actually he doesn't go back until Wednesday next week so we have 4 glorious days home with him!  WOO HOO!)

This morning we all slept in (I didn't hear a kiddo stirring until 8:30!  Woot!!) and then decided to take advantage of the gorgeous spring weather and head to the playground for a bit after breakfast before we had to go to our friend Charlotte's ice skating birthday party.

We have learned our lesson the past several park trips--BRING A TULA FOR PATRICK.  Patrick is so eager to get to the park that when it's time to leave, he doesn't want to go.  He will reluctantly head home with us, but about 10 feet away from the park the tears start and the "hold youuuuu!" demands set in for him wanting to be carried.  Needless to say the past few park trips there have been a ton of screaming and crying and what not from him (lovely scene for our neighbors to balk at as we stroll by)!  Today we were smart and brought 2 Tulas so that everyone could be carried.  Spoiler: it worked magically.

Notice how we made Patrick carry Scooter's leash?!  I shouldn't say "made"--he offered and we gladly let him cause, one less thing we have to worry about.

We all enjoyed the swings at the park, Ro especially on my back!  I didn't go very high or anything, I think she just liked the movement.  Oh, and Scoots totally had a blast on the swings too.

Once we got back home we had a quick lunch--where Ro surprised us by nabbing Patrick's no spill cup and actually drinking out of it (WHATTTT?!! I'm so impressed!), put Ro down for a nap (grandparents came over to sit with her), and headed out to the ice rink!  Patrick was so excited about skating (we'd be talking it up to him all week!) and especially since he was going to get to wear his GoPro on his helmet.

Once he got in his skates he was all like "ruh-ro"--but a few minutes later he figured out how to walk in them and was begging us to take him on the ice.  We had to get through cake and ice cream and presents first...which he did pretty good at lasting through, but finally he couldn't wait any longer and tugged Mike's arm out the door to go skating.

So the rink we went to has these buckets that kids can use for balance and to skate with.  Patrick LOVED it.  He was a pro and did SO WELL, especially for being his first time out on the ice!  He was awesome and totally loved skating along with confidence with his bucket.

See?!  He's pretty good, isn't he?!  Mike and I were both very impressed.

He did get really confident one time and step away from his bucket and BAM!  On the ice he went.  He was totally fine and got right back up and to his bucket!

Patrick snapped these pics with his GoPro helmet well as the video below (it's long!  18 minutes!  Feel free to scrub through it--I didn't even edit it at all, just straight uploaded it because I was so curious to see the majority of his ice skating experience from his point-of-view).

Once we got home we had Patrick rest for a bit before dropping both kiddos off at my parents for the night so we could go to a trivia night.

I did win this "Surprise PUL" diaper from Little Butt Diaper's etsy shop earlier this week (which are near IMPOSSIBLE diapers to get! So I felt pretty good for scoring one...which brings my LBD diaper total up to 2. Ha!) and I noticed Patrick has a shirt that matches!  I'll have to get him wearing it together once I get the dipe washed.

Well, that's about all I have for this fun little Saturday post!  I am SO EXCITED about our trivia night tonight (adult time!  woo hoo!) and then tomorrow Mike and my brother Ben are picking up a new (to us!) free wooden swingset/play ground for our backyard.  The kids (Patrick) are gonna flip when they see it.  I can't wait!

Have a great one friends!  Oh, and Ro turns 11 months old tomorrow.  I can't...I can't even believe it.  Gah.  Stay tuned for a post allllll about Ro at 11 months comin' at ya mañana.  I know you're excited.

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