Taking Stock

It's been a hot minute (like almost 4 months! eekkkk!) since my last Taking Stock post, and I always think about doing these while I'm at school and busy with school stuff and then by the time I get home to actually have the time to do one life gets in the way and whew, I forget.  So!  I find myself sitting on my couch here at 8:40pm on a Tuesday night with a bit of free time (and nothing really on TV!) to do a little life lately post via Taking Stock.  I do love these types of posts that glimpse into the reality of life now.  Anywho, enjoy friends.

Making: Patrick's 3rd year book and Rosie's 1st year book on Shutterfly...well, starting to make them (I won't actually finalize them until after their birthdays).  I've done this the past 2 years with Patrick and it's a great photo album walk down memory lane for all of the cool things he did that year.  Excited to have one for Ro as well really soon!

Cooking: As is my jam lately, I'm not cooking anything!  To be fair it's almost 9pm...but I have been saving oodles of things over here to cook sometime soon.  I feel like my New Years resolution of cooking more is going okay...I am definitely cooking more than I usually have, but still not a crazy amount.

Drinking: Agua.  Lots and lots of agua.  Since I'm still nursing and pumping I'm still so thirsty all.the.time.  I'm thinking about pouring myself a glass of ice cold milk to have with the brownies that are currently sitting on my counter...

Reading: Grace Patton's latest post as well as catching up with whatever is happening with my Facebook feed.  I mean, I really should be reading one of the 20 books I've yet to read that are downloaded on my Nook app, but #distractions are all around me and I just get social media distracted.

Wanting: A new e-reader.  I've been going back and forth with this lately, but I think I'm going to pull the trigger and get a new Nook.  I have the original one and it's slooooowwww as snot and doesn't have any backlight (so impossible to read in the dark without a lamp), and honestly I just want something that actually doesn't have the internet or anything DISTRACTING on it (just books!) so I can actually read...cause that's my biggest problem with reading on a mobile device or iPad...social media!  Gah!

Looking: At some snaps I took yesterday when we were playing at our new "park" (what Patrick calls the new playground in the backyard) and lovinggggg the fact that this kid is officially obsessed with his new playground and has asked non-stop since we showed it to him to go out there and play.  It seems like Ro enjoys it as well...which I'm sure she'll enjoy it even more as she gets a wittle bigger.

Playing: ^^ That.  I can't get enough of the "Two By Two" song and the amazing campaign video for the place I get to call my work.  I'm so proud to work there and of all of my amazingly talented students that I get to teach!

Wishing: These past 48 weeks haven't gone by seemingly in a blink.  I cannot believe Ro is less than a month away from turning 1!  I'm enjoying her slow waddle into toddlerhood, but I do miss my baby oh-so-much!  Guess it's time for #3, huh?!!  Hehehehe.  Not yet Alex!  I need to talk my ovaries off a wall.

Enjoying: This amazing weather we have been having the past several days!  Patrick and Ro sure loved to play outside the past couple days--and Patrick loved to run around the outside courtyard of the pond.  The extended forecast looks oh-so-spring like and that makes me one happy mama.

Loving: These guys ^^ oh-so-much.  Being a mama is the best thing ever, and having 2 perfect kiddos (#momgoggles) and a pooch just makes my heart smile.  I love love LOVE having two little kiddos and I absolutely love seeing them love on each other!  It really is the best.thing.ever.

Pondering: When I'm going to cut the cord and close up the milk shop.  Honestly, it doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon if Ro has anything to say about it...and I really never imagined me going past one year with pumping/nursing, but sheesh, it sure looks like that's going to happen!  I love nursing, but pumping is getting old real fast (even though I only do it twice a day! Still!!) and I just want to be done.  BUT, I vividly remember the awful pain from stopping last time AND I still have people wanting donated milk...gah.  The struggle.

Considering: New tactics to bribe?  Inspire?  Motivate?! SOMETHING!  To get Patrick even remotely interested in potty training.  Spoiler: it's not going well.  I totally want him to do it on his own accord, but shoot, we're 5 months away from him starting preschool and he HAS TO BE potty trained.  So, we're slowly starting to encourage and try and get him going.  Pray for us.  And send any foolproof tips and tricks, cause this stubborn boy has wanted nothing to do with what I've pulled out of my hat.

Watching: The 9pm news.  Gosh, so much awfulness happening lately, and I could just vomit all over this election stuff.  I am not crazy about any of the candidates, although I hate some far less than I hate others (I don't think I'd even say I "like" any of them)...but gah, I'm already sick of all of this election stuff and it's not even close to being over.  Woof.

Needing: To make a Tarjay run soon.  I haven't gone in over a week (shocker!) and I really need to get some household items (paper towels! sugar! so exciting!) along with Easter basket goodies for the kids and to browse for birthday gifts for the burritos, cause those dates are sneaking up superrrr fast. 

Wearing: Same old, same old.  Nursing tank top, flip flops, and sweat pants.  YOLO.  I sure wish I could wear this to school.

Following: Some dramaaaaa going on in these mommy groups I'm in on Facebook!  I don't get it--why do people think that a group with 70,000 members is a good place to air your dirty laundry or ask for marriage advice or anything else like that?!  To me, it's total drama seeking and just wanting attention.  I guess I'm not much better for reading it...but still.  There's some stuff that really doesn't belong online, anywhere.

Noticing: How we managed to go see both of the great grandmas today BEFORE dinner without any meltdowns AND I was able to snap a pic of Ro with them both?!  Ahhh, nice one Alex!  I know seeing the kiddos brightens both of these great grannies' days and it makes me happy to see them happy!

Feeling: Shocked that today is the start of 4th quarter, meaning we are 3/4ths the way done with the school year.  WHAT THE WHAT?!!  I swear we just started school like yesterday and BAM!  The year is almost over.  So so so crazy.  I cannot believe it.  The week after next is spring break, then Easter, then BAM!  Just a few weeks left with my juniors and seniors and they're off.  Wow.  Time is sure flying.

Admiring: How I've managed to snap 68 pics for my 366 black and white Instagram project for the first 68 days of 2016!  I cannot believe I've 1. kept it up 2. haven't missed a day/posted late 3. not thrown in the towel.  I'm slowly starting to think how I'm going to put all of my snaps together at the end of the year.

Sorting: Old toys and boxes of clothes in the basement...that's the big agenda item for my spring break is to clean out our backroom and organize it and I've justttttt slowly started chiseling away at starting to do this and sorting through things.  There's a ton that needs to be recycled and pitched and as much as I'm dreading actually doing it, I'll be really excited when it does get all cleaned and organized, cause holy mess batman, it's reallllllly bad.

Buying: Looking at buying--haha--a few more summer items for Ro (less baby (aka no onesies) and more toddlerish)...but holding out until the June and January new release sale this Friday.  Gosh, they have some amazingly cute stuff!! 

Getting: All of my pumping/donating pics organized for a presentation next week to a women's health and issues class at UA.  I'm excited to share my story and journey with these girls and answer any questions they may have!  I'm so happy my fellow teacher asked me to come in and speak (after the girls found my blog post about extreme pumping...probably cause it was linked and repinned a zillion times on Pinterest).

Bookmarking: A few great examples of student work my students have done so I can use them as examples for the online summer school class I'm teaching (woot!) and any future presentations I'll do that I need student work for.  This can be such a time suck in itself because I loooooove looking at their projects and the awesomeness tech stuff they create and craft up.

Disliking: Still!  So much hate towards our police and law enforcement.  Say what you want about Trump, he's right on one accord: the police are the most mistreated people in the US.  Yes they are, and that needs to stop.  But, I am stopping myself now from going on any further with this comment otherwise this will turn into a crazy rant that I didn't intend for a taking stock post to turn into.

Feeling: An extreme ponytail headache that just came on.  Literally.  Those really are the worst things ever...maybe it's time for a haircut?!  I think if I got my hair chopped right now I could donate 12+ inches!  But, I do like being able to toss it in a braid, throw on my favorite Brady Bands headband and I'm good to go.

Snacking: Oreossssssss in vanilla ice cream.  So good, so so good.  I essentially made my own cookies n' cream ice cream!  It is so good.  And probably not the best idea to eat at 9:30 at night, but whatevs, cause YOLO, right?!  RIGHT.

Coveting: Any and all time I get to spend with my kiddos.  I am sooooo looking forward to spring break AND summer to spend every second I can with them!  They are both older now and as much as I miss my itty bitty babies I love how fun they are now and cannot wait to experience a bunch of fun new things with them this summer!

Wishing: In all seriousness, that weekends were 3 days long and work weeks 4.  Seriously, I could get so much more done!  And that'd give me an extra day with my kiddos 52 weeks out of the year!  Dream on, right Alex?!  I'll just savor the bonus weekends where this does happen and count down until the next one comes along.

Helping: Mike figure out some stuff on his iPhone now that he downgraded himself from an iPhone 6 back to a 5S (the touch sensor on the 6 was failing and it was driving him (and subsequently me) nutsola).

Hearing: Nikki Glaser's (Hiiiiiii fellow KHS alum!) Not Safe Show start up on Comedy Central and I've really been wanting to check out this show, so it's time for me to bid you adieu and wrap up this installment of Taking Stock.  Hopefully it won't be another 4 months before I do another one, but, eh, no promises!   

Have a great rest of your week friends!

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