Weekend Recap

What a fun-filled little weekend we had!  I'm proud to report I'm whipping up this here recap on Monday morning (too early!  Damn you Daylight Savings Time!) immediately following our weekend fun, so yay for me for being so on the ball.

So!  Where shall I begin?!  Ahhhh, yes, now that Ro is officially crawling she is no longer rolling (it's like a light switched and BAM!  Rolling no more, just crawling now!) and is on the move.  I was going to type that she's all over the place, but, honestly, she really isn't.  She's so much different (shocker!) than Patrick was at this age--he literally was ALL OVER THE PLACE and never stopped.  Rosie, on the other hand, is not--she moves where she needs to go and stops and watches or plays...or sits in the back of the van while I unload groceries.  She's pretty content and chill just sitting there playing with her toys (current faves are Patrick's Duplo Legos and the name stool).  Although this has seemed to be her jam since she was born so I'm guessing this is just her demeanor so maybe she won't be another tornado like her brother.  Time will tell!

Potty training: not.going.well.  So, we're not PUSHING him by any means, just encouraging him to use the potty, wear undies or learning pants on occasion, and emphasize that when he turns 3 his diapers have to go to Rosie and he will be a big boy then and have to use the potty.  Again, not.going.well.  He completely understands the potty concept and knows exactly when he's got to go (#2 especially), he just doesn't want to at all!  We have all of the incentives there for him and nothing seems to be working.  Last night we said he was going to sit on the potty for a few minutes before bed and OMG you'd think we told him he was getting an arm cut off by how much he screamed and cried (he could have just been tired too...but, yeah, didn't go well).  Despite these roadblocks, we're not giving up and going to keep encouraging and trying to consistently motivate him.  Come July if he's still playing these games we'll have to take some drastic measures, cause, once again, he HAS TO BE potty trained to start preschool in August.  Pray for us.

Speaking of praying, my pre-Spring Break/actual Spring Break project has been started: organize/clean out the back rooms (we have two!) of the basement.  I forgot to snap a before pic of the actual backroom (I've only started on one side)...but HOLY CATS.  We have so much stuff!  The top pic there is 75% of the stuff pulled out of the back room in the bottom pic (the tubs aren't being pulled out and I still need to grab the stuff off of the shelves on the back wall to go through them)...but yeah, we have a ton of junk.  My goal is to have everything organized--especially all of the baby clothes and stuff as well as the holiday decor--so it's easily accessible down the road when we need it.  I cannot tell you how many times I'm like, "I know we have this" and go down to the backroom and not be able to find it.

No more will that happen!  I bought 5 giant shelving units that line 2 walls now that I'll have everything organized and stacked upon hopefully a week from now.  And I'm hoping I can get Mike to budge on letting me get rid of a bunch of stuff that we don't use nor clearly aren't ever going to.  Pray for me on that too.

Okay, so I have a slighttttt obsession with all things from June & January.  Like, I.need.everything.from.their.site. type of obsession.  I can't help it though, cause look! ^^^ How flippin' cute is Ro in their headbands and swing dresses?!  Her cloth diapers make perfect (always matching!!) "bloomers" for underneath and the material is sooooo buttery soft and pretty.  It is my favorite shop and I just had to give a little shoutout to them.  They just launched a Facebook B/S/T (buy/sell/trade) page and that's been fun too swap stuff with people on as well.

Patrick really loves to push Rosie around in things--particularly things that are too small for her but she gets wedged in anyways (parents of the year over here!).  So, what do I do instead of just snapping still pictures of his antics?!

Why I snap the GoPro to his head and BAM!  You've got Patrick's GoPro shopping cart edition!

Wasn't that fun?!  And you betcha he got a take of pushing his favorite puppy Scooter around too.

Ahhhhh, again, the GoPro was one of the best investments EVER.  So much fun!  I can't wait to see what we come up with to use it for this spring and summer!

I feel like sometimes Scoots gets tossed by the wayside in lieu of me bragging posting about my burritos, so I thought I'd post some adorable pics of him (consequently mostly with my children too.  Oops.) because he's getting older and I need to remember to appreciate alllllll the time we get with him, despite me wanting to kill him last night when he was up FOUR TIMES wanting to go to the bathroom.  He's worse than a newborn.

Okay, so I made an epic cloth diaper trade last week -- I traded for this GORGEOUSSSSSS Wizard of Oz diaper!  I'd had been eyeballing it for over a year (and it's not available to buy anymore nor are any going to be made ever again!) and someone posted it up for a trade and I leapt at the chance!  I had to trade 2 of my Little Butt Diapers for it but it was well worth it because look at it!  So pretty!  Yes, I know it's a poop catcher, but come on, it really is an awesome dipe and it will never ever be leaving!

After my little impromptu photoshoot with Ro getting pics of her new dipe I had to feed the milk monster and Mike snatched up my camera and took this pic of me feeding her and I just love it so much.  He posted it too (swoon!  What a great hubby!) and I just love it.  We are less than a month away from making it to a year breastfeeding and I'm so excited to reach that milestone...and see how long we actually go!

Chairy is part of Patrick's room at my parents and boy does he love sitting there for half a second reading his books!  I think I'll need to introduce him to PeeWee's Playhouse at some point.  Last weekend we went to a new park (which we will never be going to again!) and it was terrifyingly big (totally for older kids) but Patrick really loved the slide so we let him play for a second.  I made my mom's "NeeNee toast" (French toast) for the kids this weekend and Ro was all about it but Patrick wasn't fooled that it wasn't the real deal.  Can't get much past him.  And Sunday we went over to help Matt and Katie get packed up (they're moving soon!!) and Patrick thoroughly enjoyed cousin dinner at the kid's table with Lizzy.  Ro had solo bathtime earlier this week when Patrick was at a sleepover and I think she was handling having brother bear absent okay.

Rosie's birthday is fast approaching (wahhhh!) and my mom whipped up an oh-so-theme appropriate dress for her!  She finished it last week so Ro had to model it and OMG.  It is just so adorable I can't even stand it!

Rosie dances to her own beat and I love it so much.  The shoulder shruggings--I can't even.

So that's about all I've got for this all over the place weekend recap...I'll conclude with my two sleeping babes from last night siesta-ing away in their Spring Forward glories.  Soon Ro will get to ditch her sleepsack and in turn get a real blanket to sleep with (spoiler: it's a birthday gift!) so that'll be an exciting addition to momspying sleeping snaps.

Have a great week friends...Missouri peeps: get out and vote tomorrow in the primary!  And check out this handy dandy little quiz here to see which candidate your views line up with.

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