Rosie at 11 Months

Guys, it's happening: Rosie is officially ONE MONTH AWAY from turning ONE.  I cannot believe it.  It really has been sooooo fast and infinitely faster than Patrick's first year it feels like.  Gahhh.  I cannot believe I'm going to have a one year old little lady a month from today!

Ro is 10 months old, and will be 48 weeks old tomorrow!  Seriously, how is this even possible?!  Yesterday we brought her home from the hospital!!  I swear!

Side note, all of her weekly snaps I am having printed and am going to hang up in a collage-esque way for her first birthday party.  I love that I've done them and to see the changes she's made subtly from one week to the next and then drastically from week 1 compared to now.  Definitely doing the weekly snaps with future kiddos too!

Rosie has seemed to level out in her growing, and I'm thankful for that!  We were able to stay in the same size clothes for about 5 months and just recently had to move her to the next size!

Time for your favorite (or my favorite, ha!) part of these monthly updates, the MOM STATS!  Excited, aren't you?!

  • Ro weighs 24 pounds even -- up 12 ounces from last month!  Like I said earlier, she definitely has plateaued out a bit. I'm happy about that!  I'd guess she is around 30 inches long or so.  We'll find out for sure next month at her one year well check.
  • Rosie is officially in all 24 month/2T clothing!  The 18 month stuff was just getting toooooo tight and snug so we packed them away and got out the stuff I already bought in the next size.  However, the problem with that was that most of the stuff I got was for summer, so I had to go buy a few warmer outfits in 24 month/2T for her now since it's still kinda chilly.  Hoping she'll be in 2T all summer long because that's what I've got for her summer attire :)
  • Shoe size is a 4!  I tried on a pair of Patrick's Toms (size 4s) and they fit her perfectly!  I got her a pair of size 5 Keens for this summer to wear when she's walking, and her NeeNee will be taking her to get her first pair of real tennis shoes soon enough when she's walking, just as she did with Patrick.
  • Girlfriend is a rolling machine!  She is THIS.CLOSE. to crawling.  Seriously, I'm sure I'll post that she's not crawling at 11 months and then BAM!  Tomorrow she will be.  But yes, her preferred mode of transportation currently is rolling all over the place (see here) which is so funny cause I remember Patrick doing the exact same thing!  I don't think Ro will be walking by the time she's 1 (my guess is more like 14 months), but we will see!  Patrick didn't crawl for long before he started walking, so it'll be fun to see when Ro starts herself!
  • Can go from a sitting position to a crawling position to rolling back up to crawling back up to sitting!  This is a huge milestone for Ro (and honestly just noticed her being able to do it this past week!) because before once she was on her back/belly rolling, she was staying that way until we sat her up.  Now she can flip over to her tummy, push herself up and back to being sitted!  Go Ro go!
  • Pretty much DONE with baby food.  She does NOT like it (don't blame her!) and wants what we're having!  So, she gets real food and has done amazingly well with chomping and eating pretty much whatever we give her.  However, when she's done, SHE IS DONE.  She will spit out any food you try to get her to eat and swat anything off her tray because she is finished.  Girlfriend is sasssssy.
  • Has 8 teeth!  Four up top and four down below!  I think her molars are coming in soon too, because her gums back there seem really white like something is about to pop through.  Fortunately she's only bitten me a couple times nursing, so thankfully she reserves the chomping for her food.
  • DITCHED THE BOTTLE!  Woo hoo!!  I posted a week or so ago about how we ditched the bottles and went to sippy cups only with Ro and it has gone swimmingly well!  I'm so happy and glad, cause I hate those bottles and all of their stupid parts.  Rosie really is growing up, isn't she?!!
  • Nurses 3-4 times a day still.  Don't know if there's an end in sight to that!  She nurses in the early morning before I leave for work, when she gets up from her nap, and before bed.  She also will nurse before nap if I'm home too.  Honestly, I love it and will let her go as long as she wants!  But I'm ready to be done with the SO READY.
  • FANTASTIC sleeper.  Like as soon as I wrote the 5am rule post a while back something clicked and Ro sleeps 12-13 hours a night!  It's glorioussssss.  I hope I'm not jinxing it!  Haha!  But she goes down between 7:30-8pm and usually sleeps until 8-9am the next morning!  I use to wake her up before I went to work to nurse (around 6:30am), and sometimes I still do, but mostly I don't and just let her sleep until Mike gets her up.  It's fantastic.  She still takes a good 2-3 hour nap from about 1-4pm everyday too so that's awesome.
  • Still likes to clap, wave, and shake her head!  She will do most of them on command which is super cute.
  • Her first official word(s) is "uh-oh" and uses it appropriately (like when she drops something) most of the time!  It is so cute.  She will mimic some other words, but really likes to say uh-oh.  She talks ALL THE TIME (babbling), so I wouldn't be surprised if she starts talking a lot sooner than Patrick did.
  • Lots of nicknames!  I swear we add another one every day it seems!  Ro, Rosie, Ro Ro, Roey, sister bear, sissy, sister, Princess Peach, and a bunch more I can't remember I'm sure.  Patrick loves calling her sister bear and Ro Ro, which just melts my heart when he does that with his sweet little voice.
  • Still sucks her thumb, but honestly I haven't noticed her sucking it as much this past month as she has in the past???  So maybe she's growing out of it?!  Who knows.  She still seems to do it at night when she's falling asleep.
  • LOVES the Tula so much.  I recently purchased a wrap conversion which is just as soft as butter and she LOOOOOVES being worn in that!  I love wearing her and she loves being in there!  We are heading DC this summer (just Ro and I) and I'm not bringing a stroller, just my Tula!  It really is my favorite FAVORITE baby product!
  • Is a huge fan of Scooter AND Patrick.  She will keep her eyes glued on them ALL DAY LONG.  It's the cutest thing ever and makes my heart explode when I see her looking at them!  Plus, Patrick is quite fond of his little sis and loves playing with her too.
  • Loves going to the park to swing!  I'm sure in a few short months she'll be crawling and climbing all over the equipment, but for now in her current pretty non-mobile condition she loves sitting back and swinging and taking everything in.  So cute.
So that's about all I've got for Ro at 11 months in the mom stats department!  Riveting stuff, isn't it?!!

How about some outtakes!?  Cause as Rosie is getting older the pictures I take of her are getting harder and harder to snap.  

And finally, what wouldn't a monthly post be without a comparison of Ro and Patrick both at 11 months.  You're welcome.  

Until 12 months and a year old (OMG), adios friends!

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