Spring Cleaning

Spring break is official upon me since today is Monday...and guess what?!! I've already finished my spring cleaning resolution I had for this week!  Woot!!  So what does that mean?!  Well, my basement is the cleanest and most organized it's ever been ANDDDDD now I have the entire week to hang and chill and play with my babies.  I.am.so.excited.

I wish I had taken before pics of my basement, but trust me, it was awful and disorganized and you could barely move in it.  But, 20+ hours of cleaning and organizing later, it's officially clean!  I've made 3 trips to the recycling center to dump boxes off, 1 trip to my uncle's dumpster, and 1 (pending!) trip to Goodwill.  I feel lighter.  Spring cleaning really is a great feeling.  Oh!  And I cleaned out the pantry and fridge too (wow we had a lot of expired food!) as well.

So!  That was the gist of this post, to humblebrag on myself for cleaning and organizing my basement.  But then I realized we've done a few other exciting (not really) things since I last posted on Friday, so I figured I'd do a little catch up with what we've been up to, as well as an update on Ro's finger.  Exciting stuff, isn't it?!

On Saturday my new limited edition Tula from Frogmama.com came in the mail and OMG I'm in love.  Scoots got the first ride in it (fittingly, there are little colored Scooter's all over it) and it is just the best.  Nevermind we have a crapload of Tulas now, but to be fair, we use them all!  And I've tried destashing and getting rid of some but Mike won't let me.  I am DONE buying Tulas, I promise!  Except if a donuts one comes out...then I HAVE TO get it.

The Mooney cousins in 2015 and now.  How cute are they?!  I wonder where we'll be a year from now and if there'll be any new little Mooneys on the way or have already arrived...stay tuned! :)

Speaking of, we had Lizzy's 2nd birthday party (Minnie Mouse themed!) on Saturday and it was tons of fun!  The kids loved hanging out with all of the other kids there, and Patrick enjoyed the immense amount of icing and sugar that was readily available to him during the party.  Haha.

Sunday was the first day of spring!  And we woke up to this ^^^.  SNOW.  Seriously?!  It was awful!  But fortunately it was short-lived and all melted by noon and warmed up.  It got up to 60 degrees today and tomorrow it's going to be 73!  Woo hoo!  We're gonna need to get out and soak up all of this warmness as much as we can with me home this week!

So yesterday was fun in that the kids woke up with little red bumps/blisters on their hands, feet, and mouths...DING DING DING!  They had hand, foot, and mouth!  Upon googling, and talking to my buddy Ann who's kiddo has had it a few times prior, it's just a simple virus in red spot form.  Fortunately both kiddos didn't have any of the other symptoms that go along with it (fever, sore throat, etc...) so just annoying spots.  I called their pediatrician this morning and she said as long as the sores are scabbing over (they are today!) and no fever, they're not contagious.  Still, we've played it safe and stayed inside away from people for the past 48 hours so hopefully when we venture out tomorrow they'll be nice and not contagious.

Patrick's been a little gentleman lately, from holding up Ro's iPad so she can FaceTime with her grandparents to watching me walk to the mailbox to make sure I get back okay.  Seriously, he's not even 3 and he makes my heart ache!  I hope he always has this caring heart and spirit about him, cause it's seriously the best.

Ro woke up a few times this past week with her bandage off her hand, this morning included.  Silly girl!  But I don't blame her, she wants it OFF!

Fortunately we went back to the surgeon this morning for a check-up and it was good news:  they took the bandage off and removed her nail which the surgeon last week had literally sewn to the top of her finger to keep it in place to help the nail bed heal.  The doc today thought that wasn’t really helping anything (since it wasn’t even staying on over the nail bed) so she took it off.  She said it was looking good, albeit a bit red/swollen at the tip. She didn’t think it was infected, but wanted us to watch it to make sure it didn’t get worse or ooze anything or smell.  We have to go back next Monday for a stitches check (hopefully they’ll be all dissolved out, but if not she’ll remove what’s left) and follow-up X-rays.  Although she didn’t break anything, they do worry that the laceration was so deep that a bone infection could occur still...so next week on Monday will be able to show if she has an infection inside her finger or not (hopefully not!!!).  Until then, she can just have a bandaid over her finger with a wrap over that and we’re suppose to wash it with warm soapy water every day and then keep it covered and dry.

I'll spare you the pic I snapped of her finger without the bandaid/bandage on...but it's grosssss.  I mean, healing, but icky.  Let's hope she keeps this bandage on better (now that she has fingers exposed) and no infection comes up within the next week!

Anyways, that's about all I've got for this little spring-cleaning-turned-update post for this Monday!  I hope you all have a great week and enjoy this nice weather if you're in STL! :)

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