More Sunset Snaps

I know.  I KNOW!  Another blog post as merely a photo dump of pictures.  People, if you aren't use to this now, I don't know if you'll ever be.  I'm a photo junkie and can't help sharing my snaps I take!

Anyways, we headed to the beach again tonight with Mike's parents and decided to watch the sunset anddddd I just happened to bring my big camera along.

First off, I have to share these first (Mike did a wonderful job capturing me with Ro as well!) because they are my new most favorite pics!

GAHHHH!  I love them so much.  The silhouette pics are some of my fave and we really nailed these tonight.  I'm proud of Mikey for capturing it so well too!  I've taught him well :)

I snapped some pics of Mike's parents as well (and also holding 2 of their 3 grandkids (missing Lizzy) who were on vacay with them) and I love how they turned out.  Side note: isn't Rick's shirt awesome?!  Patrick and Rosie got that for him for Father's Day.  It's pretty perfect.

I LOVE candid pics.  Mike got ^^^ this one of me and Ro and I love it so.  I thought it looked better (more raw and real) in black and white and I just love love love it.  Mike is such a good photog (and hubby!) -- I'm so lucky to have him!

And I'll conclude this post with dumping the last of our pics from this evening...and just saying how wonderful and relaxing (yes, even with 2 kids, one of them who's been particularly whiney, but I seem to remember back to our vacay at the end of 2014 to Florida when Patrick was a wittle bit older than Ro is he acted the same way as she is) and we are loving it down here with our family.  Such a great time to relax and refresh and rejuvenate before we get back to real life later this weekend.  Have a great one friends!

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