What Day Is It?!

I'm not ashamed of this post title: I thought it was Sunday today when I got up.  Then remembered nope, that was yesterday, it has to be Monday.  I actually had to check my phone to make sure I was right!  I know summer just started for me not even a week ago but already my days are blurring together and I can't remember what day of the week it is.  My mind is mush and I'm loving every single thing about it.  Summer is the bestest.

On Friday night we went to St. Peterfest and Patrick had a BLAST riding the rides...and giggling at the giant pitcher of "pee pee."  Haha.

See?!  He really loved the rides SO MUCH.  I made Mike ride any of the ones that needed an adult with him cause me = motion sickness just looking at the rides...so I was not about to ride any of them with him and risk barfing everywhere.  We got there a smidgen early so we could hit up the rides before dinner and before it started raining and got really crowded.  That was a smart move on our part -- he got his rides in and then we could chill and eat dinner without him begging us (only kind of) to go back and ride more rides.

Both Lizzy and Patrick had a blast (Ro was in the Tula, which also doubled as a makeshift high chair, so I'm sure she had a great time too, observing from her perch), especially when they were dancin' fools with Grandma Moo.  We love St. Peterfest and already can't wait until next year.

So Ro is "kind of" walking -- with a walker!  This is a HUGE step for her, and just one step closer to her actually walking on her own!  She's 14 months old today, and I'm guessing by 15 months she'll be walking all over the place.  Stay tuned, you know that'll get its own separate post when that big milestone happens for my little turtle.

Just a few fun snaps I took with my 5D playing with some editing on the VSCO cam app on my iPhone.  I love on the go photo editing as much as on my computer, and sometimes it's just easier to use my Eye-Fi card to hotspot the pics over to my phone and edit on the go!

Ro is obsessed with Patrick, so the other day when he was outside helping Mike "weed" she spotted him and darted over to the window to give him a big HEYYY.  Both of them clearly loved it a lot.

I was really REALLY hoping these 2T playsuits would make it through the summer but Ro is really giving them a run for their money.  Ekkk.  I'm still gonna squeeze her in them and hope they continue to fit for at least a few more months!  They're just too cute for her not to wear (everyday!!).

Speaking of Rosie, girlfriend loves strawberry shortcake and posing like Kate Winslet from Titanic.  I giggled too hard at both of these snaps.

So last night I had this family's photo shoot before heading over to the Mooneys for our usual Sunday night dinner....so I had my camera with me.  When my amazing mother-in-law showed Katie and I the matching monogrammed dresses she made for the girls, we about died of cuteness and tossed them in them for a little impromptu photoshoot.

Seriously, so cute, amiright?!  They are going to be best friends, I just know it!

Mike and I then traded off the camera and snapped a few fun little candid pics before we called it a day and headed home for baths and bed.

This morning, once I remembered it was indeed Monday, I tossed Patrick in the car and sent him off for his first day of Vacation Bible School at the preschool he'll attend come August!

^^^This was snapped at pickup, but at dropoff, OMG, where did my carefree not-clingy ever little boy go?!  He was a mess--wouldn't let go of my hand, didn't want me to leave, screamed and cried and chased after me after I left.  I was not expecting that!  But he ended up calming down like 2 seconds after I left and had an absolute blast and cannot wait to go back tomorrow.

This was his first non-family member event he's gone to -- yes, he's always been with family, even when he's away for a short or long period of time.  So this was something really new for him!  Fortunately the few tears seemed to be worth it; he couldn't stop telling us all about his day and how much fun it was!  Phew!  Hope preschool this fall goes the same!

Meanwhile, Ro had some alone time this morning and this is how she spent it...playing with Scooter's Beggin' sunnies and climbing in the dog cage (even though that's a snap from yesterday, I'm recycling it cause she totally did it today I just didn't snap a pic).

Okay!  Whew!  That's about it for this all over the place blog post.  I have a feeling I'm not going to be blogging as much this summer (although I'm gonna try!!) because we are busy busy and I am teaching summer school {online} until July and we have a few trips planned and a bunch of other excuses for reasons...but yeah, so if you don't see me for a few days, DON'T FRET!  I'll be back!  Summer throws our routine off and my normal early morning blog sessions before I leave for school aren't there anymore so I have to use nap or bedtime and sometimes I'm just too damn tired to do it then.

OH!!! I really gotta go now -- another birth photog mama just text me she's in labor and already at 8cm so I gotta go snap a birth! EEKKKK!  My most favorite things to snaps!  Have a great week friends!!

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