Taking Stock

Well, it's been about 2.5 months since my last Taking Stock post, so I figured this fine Saturday morning would be as good of a time as any to crank another out.  Plus, it gives you a break from my photo dump/weekly update posts that seem to be my regular jam as of late.  Enjoy friends.

Making: A final list of last-minute items to remember to pack/grab come way too early tomorrow morning when we head out on a family vacay to Florida!  Stay tuned for oodles of pictures and posts to go along with that.

Cooking: Absolutely nothing!  The dishwasher is running and the fridge is pretty barren because I don't want to come home to old expired food.  Ewwww.

Drinking: Lots and lots of ice water.  I cannot get enough lately (heck, what's new?!) and seriously drink 3-4 Camelbaks worth a day.

Reading: My students' summer school work.  I'm teaching a summer school class that I usually teach over 16 weeks during the school year but it's condensed into 5 weeks this summer, so, it's BUSY.  Busy for them with lots of projects and busy for me in reading and grading them!

Wanting: My babies to stop growing up so fast!  I swear I keep blinking and they are instantly growing up faster than I can keep up!  It really goes by so darn fast.

Looking: At the mounting pile of laundry I need to tackle before we leave but, alas, here I am pounding away on my computer for this here post instead of doing that.

Playing: {In between key strokes, of course} Superheroes with Patrick and Rosie.  They are currently running and crawling circles around the house pretending they are flying with their TinySuperheroes capes on.  Too cute.

Wishing: This summer would stop going by too fast!  I cannot believe we are nearing the end of June and it'll all of a sudden be JULY!  I go back to work August 1st so I'm trying to savor every single second of each day enjoying the summer days with my babies.

Enjoying: The new season of Orange is the New Black -- I'm only an episode and a half in, but boy, it's got me hooked already and I cannot wait to watch the rest of them.  Helllllo nap time agenda!

Loving: All of my time off work and being able to spend it with my burritos!  We are loving going to the pool (sometimes with our buddies or cousin!) and fun little adventures like the car wash.  It is simply the best. 

Pondering: If I could be a SAHM.  I mean, it's most definitely not in the financial cards right now, but if it was wondering if I could do it without losing my mind or selling off my kids?!  I love my time home with them in the summers, but could I do this full time?!  Something I think about a lot.

Considering: How many steps I'm gonna log today taking Scoots to Pooches in the Ballpark...and hoping it's not too terribly hot and miserable because I'm already not feeling superb and I hope the hot outdoors doesn't make it worse.

Watching: Gnomeo and Juliet -- Patrick flipped on the TV and this is what was on.  I've never seen it before but both kids seems engrossed so I'm sure it's a cute little movie.

Needing: To start getting movin' and a groovin' to get the kids dressed and packed to take them to my parents so I can get Scoots and head off to Pooches in the Ballpark.  But, alas, here I stay pounding away on my keyboard.

Wearing: A nursing tank + LuLaRoe leggings.  OMG.  These are my JAM.  I've gone a wittle bit crazy lately in getting some new pairs (I mean, I NEEDED the ones with donuts on them.  And the ones with sheep.  And bees.) but they are so worth it because they are soft as butter and oh-so-adorable.  Never mind I don't wear them out of the house, but they've immediately become my lounge attire and I love them so.

Following: Grace Patton over at Camp Patton again!  So so so glad she's back to blogging again cause I've sure missed her musings. 

Noticing: How much I have to do before leaving on our trip.  Seriously, how can 4 people have SO MUCH STUFF and 2 of them make such an incredible mess in such a short amount of time?!! Someone needs to do a serious study into this because it boggles my freaking mind. 

Feeling: Not the greatest.  Summer cold + overall blahhhhh = not a happy camper.  Hoping to rebound after some lunch before we head downtown.  Fingers crossed for that.

Admiring: How self-sufficient Patrick has become.  He just went to the bathroom by himself, peed, emptied his potty out and washed it, and washed his hands with minimal water on the floor.  It's pretty freaking awesome to see your kiddos grow up and be able to take care of themselves.

Sorting: All of the items we need to take on our trip.  I laid them out on the dining room table and OMG we have SO MUCH STUFF. Thank God for our minivan where we don't have to worry if it'll all fit (unlike the last 2 trips to Florida) but geesh, we have SO MUCH STUFF.

Buying: Another couple pairs of LuLaRoe leggings.  I cannot help myself...I am obsessed.  Oh, I'm also buying a few more June & January things for Roboat because they won't be restocked until next spring and she NEEDS them.

Getting: Excited about our Florida trip!  I mean, I'm semi-dreading the 12 hour drive, but hoping the DVD player in the minivan serves as a good pacifier for Patrick and Rosie, even though she's facing the wrong way and will have to watch without sound through her mirror. I don't think she'll care too much though.

Bookmarking: Allllll about the new Canon EOS 5D mark iv that is rumored to come out in August.  I just got the mark iii but of course I already want the mark iv which will have a hefty price tag so I may have to sell off my mark iii or 6D to fund it.  Stay tuned.

Disliking: So much hate in the news lately.  SO MUCH.  I can't stand it.  I don't understand how someone could hate something or someone so much that you'd take their life for it.  It doesn't make sense to me.  So, I'm trying to stay positive and flood my little world with lots of love of praise and positivity, and less negativity.

Feeling: Kinda tired since I've been up since 5am for no apparent reason and I'm hoping I can rally come 5pm today when the Pooches in the Ballpark festivities are over and we're headed to the Cardinals game.  Eeekkk.  Wish me luck.

Snacking: On water (is that a snack?!!) and honey nut Cheerios.  Oh, speaking of, have you seen the #CheeriosChallenge going around?!!  OMG.  It is amazing.  Get me a sleeping kid right now and lemme at it.

Coveting: Family time with all 4 (5 including Scooter) of us.  This is such a rarity these days as someone is always working or has something going on, so this week coming up will be wonderful and loaded with family time and I hope to savor every single second of it.

Wishing: Ro would start walking! I mean, I know she's only 14.5 months old and big for her age, but she's so.close. and it would make things so much easier if she would.  She is terribly heavy to carry even in and out of the car and I really just wish she'd get her little feet movin' on her own!  Ahhh, in due time Alex.  Calm down.

Helping: A student with their project that's due next week.  I really love teaching this online class in the summer and it is going sooooo well -- I've only had a few issues with not turning in work and what not, so I definitely think 3 weeks in out of 5 it's been successful.  I'd love to offer it again next year too!

Hearing: The giggles from Ro and little stories from Patrick as they play behind the couch while I wrap up this Taking Stock post.  It is so cute.  I mean, in the time it's taken me to write these we've had a few meltdowns over not sharing toys, wanting mom to hold them, diaper changes, but now hearing this reminds me why I love these two so much and love being their mama.

I'll conclude this post with some video dumps of some random but adorable video snaps we've taken the past week or so.  Enjoy.  And happy Saturday!

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