2017 is Gonna Be GREAT!

Remember a couple weeks ago I posted about our Mooney fam bam with our most recent fall snap in it?!

Yes ^^ that pic.  Welllllll, we may have taken some other pics that evening as well...because you see the 3 grandkids -- Patrick, Lizzy, and Rosie -- in that family pic?!  They are DOUBLING in 2017!  We are adding one at the end of January and Matt and Katie will be adding identical twins in the spring of 2017 as well!  How freaking fun is that?!

Naturally we had some fun with the kids and our ultrasound pics...which I then turned into lovely memes that I think pretty much sum up what the kids are (or will be!) thinking.  Hehehe.

Katie and I are thrilled to each have 3 kiddos (and her twinkies and our one so close in age -- they'll probably be less than 3 months apart!) butttttt also...

Mildly terrified about being outnumbered.  Haha!

Anywho, this pic pretty much sums it up: Katie and I are excited, Lizzy is like "WHATTTTTT??!!", Rosie is like "NOPE NOPE NOPE.", and Patrick is like "been there, done that, it's not that bad guys."

So!  Exciting stuff a'happenin' for the Mooneys in 2017!  SO MANY MOONEY BABIES!  I'm sure this blog will feature them a'many times -- I mean, you know how much I LOVE babies of my own, but now having twin nieces or nephews (they'll find out around the holidays!) to photograph is making my photog's heart giddy with excitement.

So!  That's all the exciting news I have for today...have a good one friends!

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