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Ahhhhh, where to even begin?!  First off, I blinked and BAM!  I'm at 27 weeks along cookin' this kid.  2/3rds of the way done!  NUTS NUTS NUTS.  Then I still am oogling over Patrick's first school picture and cannot stop smiling at it whenever I see it (why yes, yes I did use my free Shutterfly coupon to order it as a magnet for our fridge).  And now it's election day and Thanksgiving is in a little over 2 weeks and I cannot believe how fast this year (and heck, LIFE) is flying by.

Spoiler: I only vote cause I want a sticker.  Not really.  But kind of :) Hehehe, just kidding.  I always go vote for any and all elections that are eligible to be voted for -- even the small dinky state and local ones.  I love exercising my right and love when there's a big crowd (like there was this morning!) out there too.  It doesn't matter to me who you're voting for (and I kinda love that everyone has such strong opinions and votes for different candidates!) just that you're getting out there TO VOTE!  This isn't something that has been possible for all Americans of whatever race or gender forever, so it's important that it is NOW POSSIBLE for you to get out and VOTE!

Okay!  Political talk OVER.  Onto my usual postings: my kids.

Yesterday we were off school because we had open house all day Sunday so we got a day off yesterday.  It just worked out that I got asked to snap a scheduled c-section that day and OMG.  I've said it before, and I'm going to say it again: birth photography is my absolute most favorite thing to snap.

This one was a wittle different since it was a c-section (I've only snapped vaginal births before) so it was new for me but it did not disappoint.  It.was.incredible.  I got to stand at the foot of the OR table and saw everything.  Just amazing!

It's surreal that in 12 short weeks I'll be the one on the table and my brother will hopefully be our photog and capturing all of these types of moments for us!  I literally cannot wait.  And if you want to read or see more pics from this little guy's birth, go here.

Since I was off yesterday and Patrick had school, Mike and I took Ro out to a special breakfast at Spencer's Grill and miss diva refused to sit in a high chair (her jam as of late) and wanted to sit in a big chair.  Of course she had her iPhone and looked about 20 years older in this pic -- checking her email and eating her breakfast.  Dead.

We then ran some errands before Mike went to sleep for the day and Ro got to spend some time with Papa while I went and photographed the c-section.  Twas a great day!

I love how Patrick's teachers tweet and blog!  Yesterday the firemen came to his school and he talked about it SO MUCH once I picked him up!  He really loved seeing them and getting to sit in the firetruck.  Guess they made an impression :)  Mike actually is going to go up to his school sometime soon as part of their community helpers unit and talk about being a police man!  Patrick cannot wait for daddy to come in in his police uniform and talk to his class.

So Sunday while I was at open house my mom and dad took the kids to the Zoo and they had a flippin' blast.  I got all of these snaps while I was working and I was so jealous of their adventures!  Haha!  But glad they had such a fun day and I was so stoked to see them when I was done working.

On Saturday we went to our friend Emma's 4th birthday party and both kids had SO MUCH FUN.  It's crazy because just 5 or 6 short years ago no one had kids and we were all getting together for evening adult parties with lots of adult drinks or dinner clubs organized 2 days before and it was no big deal.  Now we all have a flock of kids and nothing is easy without being organized first and life is chaos but I wouldn't have it any other way!  Oh what fun we're having now!

Absolutely no point to these pics other than 1. adorable minions I have and 2. photo dump.  The fall weather has finally hit and the kids are loving playing outside as much as possible...or staying in their jammies all morning and being lazy inside until we head outside when it warms up a smidgen.  I just love fall.

Last night we made homemade pizza for dinner and both kids were more interested in eating the toppings than putting them ON their pizzas!  So silly are they.  And they only made a marginal mess with the toppings and sauce so I call it a win on dinner.

Oh!  And my wonderful mother-in-law got the kids their Christmas jammies already so we busted those suckers out last night for siesta time and the kids loved them (as do I!) -- crazy seeing as Christmas is less than 7 weeks away.  NUTS.

Have a great one friends!

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