Thanksgiving Festivities

So Timehop has reminded me all week that last year we were celebrating Thanksgiving in Florida and on the beach and this year we most definitely are not.  But!  That's okay, because we've had a really awesome Thanksgiving holiday 'round these parts, largely due to Mike being off for FOUR glorious days (he goes back to work tonight, boo hoo) and we've had oodles of family time and it's been just wonderful.

First off, I've been SO BUSY with photoshoots this weekend -- I had this one and this one yesterday, two more this afternoon, and two more tomorrow!  Whoa lordie I AM POOPED!  Being almost 30 weeks pregnant and doing these shoots is most definitely getting my workout in, but I wouldn't change it for the world -- I love doing it and I absolutely love snapping pics.

We had Thanksgiving (read: pizza) with my side of the family last weekend and it was so fun!  Of course I had to do this little side by side timehop from 2 years ago when I was pregnant with Rosie and Patrick was Rosie's current age -- gah!  Wonder what we'll look like 2 years from now!

On Wednesday my cousin Jordan, his wife Kim, and their daughter Audrey (who's almost 9 months old) came into town for Thanksgiving and I was SO EXCITED to finally meet Audrey and see them!  Of course they were one of my photo shoot sessions yesterday and Audrey was the best 9 month old I've ever snapped!  So smiley!  --But ^^ apparently doesn't like selfies.  Oh well.

Goose was in heaven having all of her great grandbabies in town for Thanksgiving and Patrick could not have been any more smitten with Audrey!  He was so excited to play with her and I know in less than 10 weeks he's going to be the same around #3!  Makes my heart burst!  I love this last pic because it's 4 generations of Pepins -- so cool, isn't it?!

This makes my heart explode and giggle at the same time.  Rosie giving Goose oodles of hugs is just heart melting.  And then Goose's last comment about belly size makes me die laughing.  Gosh, I love that old bird so much.

One day last week I asked Mike to take my van for its oil change because I had a lot to do around the house...which translated into ^^^.  Oops.  I couldn't resist -- matching bubblegum outfits for Ro and Scoots were just screaming at me to take their pics!

So what else did we do last week?!  A lot of everything and nothing -- Patrick was at the lake for a couple of days, so Ro got some solo time (which she likes but totally does miss Patrick when he's gone) and then when Patrick got home we put the Christmas tree and train up and Patrick was SO EXCITED about it -- he literally has asked as soon as we get home or he wakes up to play with his big train!  It's so cute!

My Apple Watch snapped this family pic of us on Thanksgiving and I love it so!  We're all looking and smiling!  Well, minus Scooter.  But close enough.  And gosh I look HUGE.  Can't believe I still have almost 10 weeks left to go.  YIKES.

On Thursday we went to my dad's cousin's house for Thanksgiving and it was a blast.  The kids were really good (shocker! I though they'd be a nightmare since we didn't eat until almost 2pm = nap time!) and Patrick got to play with his big cousins and on an old school trampoline!  It was a bunch of fun and we ate SO MUCH.  But #worthit cause the food and desserts were delish, as always!

See that handsome stud #82 in red (not butt stained guy in white)?!  That's my dad!  This snap is from 1973 that ironically my uncle Johnny took and was used for the 2016 Turkey Day football game ticket!  How cool is that?!

We did my mom's side Thanksgiving yesterday and that was fun too -- lots of toys for the kiddos to play with AND Ro and her cousin Cole got some matching Little Butt Diaper bum pics!  It was a fun evening too because (again!) the kids were great and Mike and I got a lot of adult chit chat time with my cousins and aunts and uncles while the kiddos played.

Oh and the kids LOVED sliding down the built in slide in the basement at their cousin's house.  So cool.  And so flippin' fast!

Scootie got a haircut (he's so fancy now) and I did some big time Black Friday shopping ONLINE (nearly got all of the Christmas gifts bought!  WOOT!) -- one thing I'm super jazzed about is this new Dockatot that #3 will be sleeping in.  Everyone raves about them so I cashed in some rewards points and took advantage of the sales and got this one at a steal!  Stay tuned for how we like it once #3 gets here :)

So!  That's about all I've got for you today...a hodge podge of Thanksgiving and family festivities recap and what not.  Looking forward to the last part of our holiday weekend with a few more photo shoots and some family time before back to work on Monday!  Which I'm sure that'll fly by and in no time I'll be blogging about Christmas!  Gah!  Where is the time going?!  I'll leave you with this adorable video Patrick made Mike last week before school.  Heart = melted.  Have a good one friends!

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