28 weeks.

WOOT!  Hellllllooooo week 28!  11 till c-section day!!!! (which I'm even more excited and anxious (in a good way!) about now after I snapped that c-section last week)

I go to my OB tomorrow for a checkup ANDDDD that lovely glucose/diabetes test, so fingers and toes crossed I pass that.  I stupidly made the appointment for the afternoon, so I'll be starving come time for it but hopefully I'll pass with flying colors and won't have to do the 3 hour like I did last time.  I'm sure there'll be a nice little update for you with that in my 29 week post -- stay tuned!  And no ultrasound tomorrow either since my placenta previa is GONE!  But I do have one in 2 weeks at my 30 week to check on baby's growth...will be curious to see how he/she is growing!

Here's a lovely almost 28 week bump snap from Ro on the left and #3 on the right!  I definitely feel like I'm bigger out front and my belly is sticking out more.  Isn't that a sign of a boy -- more out front?!  I still really think this kid is a girl...but a few things have made my question that the past week or so (aka so many friends who are due right around when I am are due with BOYS!  And even though I feel similar I feel like I'm carrying a bit differently than I did with Rosie...too bad I have ZERO bump snaps from when I was at this point with Patrick! gah!).

I'm still lovin' my sunset snaps from my girls' weekend this past weekend -- I'm SO GLAD we did them!  And I'm clearly the biggest, but not furthest along!  Haha!  #Imakebigbabies

Mike had me pose for a few belly snaps too during our little impromptu photo shoot on Sunday where I shockingly wasn't the one behind the camera for once!  This kid really is gonna be a big one, I'm just sure of it.  Curious to see how my belly is measuring at my 28 week appointment tomorrow!  With the past two I didn't start measuring super huge until week 30+, so I'm interested to see where this one is at.

Other than that, I've been feeling *pretty* good -- and I say that because just like last week I've been feeling these little waves of nausea come back and things have started to really repluse me again and I don't feel as ravenously hungry as I ounce did (no room?!).  I've been having some back pain too, but that's mostly I think from standing for too long OR sitting for too long in the same position.  I've been feeling a ton of lower tummy pressure as well whenever I stand up from sitting, and I think that's normal and due to the fact that gigantor in there is really pressing down when I stand up (cue: instant need to pee NOW feeling!).  Other than that, I've been doing just fine and can't complain too much :)

I've got a few photo shoots this week and weekend and then CRAZY to think about next week is Thanksgiving which means Christmas is about a month away.  I cannot believe it!  Anyways, until week 29 friends, have a good one!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Cravings?Cookies/Oreos & milk
Overall mood?SO EXCITED! 11 weeks to go!
Rings on or off?ON! (with room to spare!)
Movement?TONS of kicks and punches
Linea Nigra?Nope!

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