Changing It Up a Bit... #DocumentingtheBump

Soooooo, you know me, I love me some Photoshop.  Tonight I was browsing Pinterest and came across these and was like "Gahhh! I wish I did chalkboard weekly pics with #3!!"  Cause I like how these have a fun little fact or something on them.  I got to thinking and was like, "Wait.  I CAN do this.  Photoshop is wonderful."

I sat down at my computer tonight, used my weekly pics (cause I love that bathroom wallpaper!) and made my own chalkboard with weekly stats (thanks to my weekly blogging it was super easy to go back and find some info for each of these pics).  I'm pretty proud that I was still able to do this allllll the way back to week 4 with this pregnancy AND it look pretty legit.  I'll definitely be doing this for the rest of my weekly snaps -- I KNOW you're super excited about that.

Weren't those fun to look at?!!  When I was making the early ones the haunting memory of that early pregnancy nausea came back to me and I am SO GLAD we are passed that (although the past couple days I've had random waves of it that come and go just as quickly, but no me gusta).

Anyways, yay for changing it up a bit and for doing the weekly chalkboards MY WAY and making it work (and not having to wait until pregnancy #4, if/when that happens).  Have a great weekend friends!

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