Clark Shirts

It's no secret I love Swanky Shank.  But man, they hit it out of the park with this one.

I am one of their contracted photographers, and the wonderful lady behind Swank, Jen, contacted me about my thoughts on doing a design to pay tribute to pregnancy/infancy loss -- basically honor those who aren't with us anymore.  Uh, YES PLEASE.  I basically scream texted her that back.  Best.idea.ever.

And this is what was born...

I'm sharing what I posted on social media, because I think it's kind of the perfect summary of how I feel about all of this.

The amazingly wonderful Swanky Shank hit it out of the park with their #justlikemeswank design. And it means so so so much that not only does this incredible company create a design to honor pregnancy/infancy/child loss, but they share our story as well. It’s no secret how open we’ve been about our Clark and our journey along this stillborn path, but it means so incredibly much to me that someone else would take our story, take where Clark lives forever ❤️, and create the most perfect shirt to represent that. As a small business owner myself, I love supporting other small businesses, but man, when one goes above and beyond it seems to really connect with their customers: they’ve got me for life. I’m sharing what I shared for Swanky Shank below...because I think it truly speaks to how much this means to us. This is more than just a shirt: it’s the most perfect tribute to their little brother, to our son Clark 💙 “Our sweet Clark was born sleeping at 22 weeks...and until a few weeks before when we learned of his fatal prognosis, he was a team green surprise gender -- our #4. We never find out the gender of our kiddos when pregnant, so they’ve always been referred to as #1, #2, #3...and with Clark, he was #4. And even though in meeting him we had to say hello and see you later all at the same time, he’ll always be our fourth, our #4. If we go on to have another kiddo, that kiddo will be #5, as Clark has taken up permanent residence of #4 in our family and hearts, just from above instead of here with us. Our big kids, Patrick, Rosie and Annie very much know about Clark and what happened to him, but that doesn’t stop them from talking about him and calling him their little brother. If you ask them where Clark lives, they will immediately point to their hearts and say, “right here.” -- and that’s right, Clark lives RIGHT THERE in their hearts. Forever our #4, forever their little brother, forever alive in us inside of our hearts.”

We miss Clark SO SO SO much -- not a day goes by that I don't think about him, heck, maybe not even a minute -- and this shirt means SO MUCH TO ME to have.  I will treasure it and my heart will swell whenever the kiddos will wear it.

This company is doing amazing things, and if you haven't checked them out or ordered something from them, GO DO IT.  They're an incredible small business (and based out of STL! WOOT WOOT!) and NEED to be supported and loved.  Cause they are doing things right at a time when a lot of people could use a little 'right' direction :)

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