Patrick Snaps!

This kid has been asking more and more lately to take pictures and it makes my own photog heart flutter a bit (okay, a lot!) when he asks!  I think he likes using the 'smaller' camera cause it's not as heavy as my big one and he can get some better pictures that way since he can actually hold it!

So naturally I got my camera out too and decided to capture him in action and my gosh I JUST LOVE watching him snap and seeing what he captures!

Gosh doesn't he just look like a natural!?!?  He snaps in manual (I help him set his settings) and I just really LOVE seeing what he can capture!  I mean, how good are these snaps of Annie?! I did edit them but he took them himself!

Gosh he's so good! I'm so biased but truly, he's SO GOOD! I kinda want to offer "Patrick sessions" at some point and let him be the head photog and see what he can capture for others!

Anyways, just had to to share some of Patrick's recent snappies with you!  And you can always follow him on Instagram and Facebook too :)

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