Well Hello Spring!

Today's weather can be summed up in one word: AMAZINGGGGG.

It was just the best and a total rare weekend morning I didn't have one or ten photoshoots!  My next weekend is STACKED (like 3 Saturday and 4 Sunday holy hell) but this one was super chill with Rosie's party and just one this evening.

Mike had to work last night so he snoozed and the girls and I hit up the park before going to meetup with Patrick and Gramps who were up at the local community college practicing riding bikes.

We had the park to ourselves for a hot minute before a birthday party showed up...and the girls were obsessed with the swings and spinny chair and teeter toter!

We then went to meetup with Gramps and Patrick who were practicing riding bikes...but we were surprised to see Uncle Ben there on his motor scooter too!!

So yeah, that may be their new most favorite thing!  Ben, if you're reading this: be prepared for lots more scooter trip requests in the future!

We then hit up MOD pizza with my entire family (minus Charlie and Giselle) for lunch before heading back for naps all around for everyone.

I had to dart off to a photo shoot and then when I got back the kiddos were playing outside (cause HOLY GORGEOUS WEATHER!) so naturally we had to get some swinging in before eating dinner and doing baths and bedtime.

Annie just LOVES the swing and gosh I just LOVE capturing her faces on it! 

I will note that all of my snaps today were taken with my iPhone -- I didn't bring my big camera with me (WHATTT!!?!?!) and I just did the iPhone pics today.  But gosh it takes great on the go pics and I just love how they turned out.

I'll leave you with Rosie modeling her new dress she got for her birthday...

She is feeling 100% better today after her little sicky incident at her party yesterday...thank goodness.  I am just praying no one else gets the pukes this week (or ever!) in this house!  Fingers crossed for that!

Anyways, that's all I've got for this Sunday night spring weather recap...I hope everyone has a great week!  We've got a really busy one 'round these parts and it's making me so excited for the rest of the spring and summer! :)

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