Rosie's 4th Birthday Adventures

Ahhh, what a wonderful birthday our Rosie girl had!  I'm sure you saw her 4 year post allllll about Rosie at 4, and I thought I'd walk you through the fun little day (and birthday!) we had for our big four year old today!

First off, a little walk down Rosie's birth day memory lane...

I'm not crying, YOU ARE CRYING!  Gosh these get me allllllll in the feels.  I don't even remember them that small!  Also: cue baby fever! GAH!

Okay!  So back to 2019.  FOUR!  I still can't believe she's FOUR.  Where oh where does the time go?!

So when Ro got up this morning we got donuts (per usual...and she asked for them last night) and she didn't really eat more than a bite or two.  I asked her if she wasn't feeling good and she said fine just not hungry.  Okay.  So we decided to do presents after breakfast and allllllll of the kids couldn't get enough of helping Rosie unwrap!  Annie was a bit peeved she couldn't do ALL of them herself. haha

Ro got an explosion of toys and it make her trinket-loving little heart SO HAPPY!  And she's so funny how organized and such she is with all of them cause she promptly played with them and then rounded them up and properly put them in her hiding spot so Annie couldn't get to them. haha!

The girls and I then headed off to the grocery store for a few last-minute things before lunch, naps, and Rosie's party.

Rosie said she was fine (and no fever) but just didn't seem like herself.  She didn't pound her lunch (her favorite pizza lunchable) like she normally does and actually asked to go lay down.  Ruh-ro.  But I was trusting her if she said she felt fine she was.

Patrick promptly passed out (listening to the Wicked soundtrack too. haha!) for an hour too before we had to get everyone up and head to the park for her party (which, side note: I WILL NEVER HOST A PARTY AT MY HOUSE AGAIN -- park parties are the way to go!).

My brother and sister-in-law brought their dog Brady and OH BOY was he a hit with the kids!

Ro was so excited to see her friends and her amazing unicorn cake!!

Rosie was in a big hurry to do cake and presents -- I think it was hitting her that she wasn't feeling good and wanted to

Rosie loved blowing out her candle but was NOT wanting a piece of cake -- RED FLAG.  Something was wrong. Uh-oh...  But everyone else enjoyed the cake!

We then did presents and Rosie BLEW through them.  She kept saying she wanted to go home. 

She got a ton more tiny trinket toys and was just in heaven!  After presents everyone went back to play on the playground and Rosie just wanted to sit with her NeeNee.  She said she was cold (which the sun was setting so it was getting chilly) and just snuggled in her lap.

Wellllllll, just when we were getting ready to leave, the barfworks came -- all over NeeNee!  Gosh what a trooper they both were for enduring that vomitastrophe!  ICK!  So turns out Rosie definitely wasn't feeling good and poor thing got sick on her birthday.  

Hoping and praying it's a quick bug and I don't get a 2am scream to puke in the bed tonight, but Ro came home and wanted a bath and to just sit and watch her iPad.  Didn't even want to open her presents -- she actually asked me to unbox them all so she can just play with them in the morning.  Bless her heart.  She did ask for water and said she was hungry after a bit, so she got some crackers.  She went off to bed a 4 year old who I am HOPING AND PRAYING just had a quick vomit incident and isn't something that's sticking around...hopefully.  And also isn't something that the rest of us are gonna get.  Fingers toes and everything crossed for that!
All in all, despite some sickness, I think Ro had a wonderful 4th birthday!  She really loved all of her presents and seeing all of her buddies!  Cannot wait to see what this year has in store for our biggest little lady!!  We love you so much Rosie girl!

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