Rosie's 4 Year Checkup

Our big girl turned FOUR almost two weeks ago and today we had her 4 year checkup!

And I cannot remember (or find the post!) if I did an update for Patrick at his 4 year checkup, so you're getting one on Rosie's! HAHA!

Happy. Healthy. And still a big girl!  But overall doing awesome for our big four year old.

She very much liked hanging on the exam table -- I think we had one visit in between 3 and 4 years (for crazy strep throat that presented itself like a headache and barfing) but other than that that was it!  She told the doctor all of her favorite foods and things to do and how she loves dance class and all of that.

What we did, was the same as what we did with Patrick, was go ahead and get her kindergarten vaccines a year early.  It's no secret how pro-vax we are, and with all of this terrifying measles stuff going around I want to load my kids up with the good juices to keep them healthy AS SOON AS WE POSSIBLY CAN.

She did awesome!  One tiny tear but once she realized she got a My Little Pony bandaid (or two) and was alllllll smiles and thumbs up!  So yay for vaccines and staying healthy!

Ro then went into school a bit late and as soon as she walked in she told her class ALL about her shots and her cool bandaids.  I swear this girl is so motivated by bandaids it's not even funny!

That's about all I've got for Ro's 4 year checkup!  Hopefully next year at 5 I'll be reporting the same thing: happy and healthy and just amazing! :)

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