28 Weeks 🌈

28 weeks todayyyyy!! WE ARE IN THE SINGLE DIGIT WEEK COUNTDOWN PEOPLE: only 9 weeks to go! EEKKKKK!!!

So where to begin?!  Well, first I had my 27.5 week OB checkup AND 3 hour glucose test...since I always fail the 1 hour I elected to go head and skip that and do the 3.  I got a call early Friday morning that I passed (hey yo!) so that made a good start to the weekend.  At my appointment everything looked good -- although my belly was measuring at 33 weeks (yikkkkeeessss!) -- a 5 week jump from it measuring at 28 weeks just 2 weeks ago.  On the ultrasound screen Dr. Jen pointed out how big this kid's noggin is -- so I am SUPER curious on Tuesday when I have a formal growth scan again just how big this little one is measuring!  Heart rate looked wonderful and was in the 150s so all is well on that front!  I only have like 5 OB appointments left I think before c-day and I CANNOT FREAKING WAIT.

While I was waiting for my glucose test I started sneezing and having a runny nose and by the time I woke up Friday morning I felt AWFUL.  Like death.  Like I had never ever felt like before and I KNEW it was a sinus infection.  My head hurt, ears hurt, nose was stuffed up...gah!  So I called my allergist and she got me in ASAP and...

YUP.  Sinus infection + double ear infection.  Ugh.  But yay for getting in and not having to suffer all weekend since my weekend was literally JAM PACKED with photoshoots!  So I got some antibiotics and by Saturday afternoon I was feeling much better...so that was good.  Glad I didn't try and tough it out over the weekend!!

Patrick captured ^^ this gem of me Friday night and I look miserable and it was a very accurate representation of how I felt. haha!

I have had an insanely busy past few weeks of births!  8 of my 9 "within a month of each other" due dates have delivered and I've got one more that'll go this week until I'm off call for a bit...whew!  I cannot tell you how insane it's been but I've loved every single minute of these stories I've got to capture!

Welp friends, that's about all I've got for 28 weeks...trying to keep busy and keep my anxiety at bay (cause it still goes from 0-100 when I don't feel this kid move like RIGHT NOW!) and just count down those weeks until this bean is here!  Until week 29 friends, adios!!

Current Gender Prediction?BOY
Baby is the size of...Mac & Cheese Box
Cravings?Chocolate chip cookies with Oreos baked in
Overall mood?Excited. Anxious. Repeat every.single.day.
Rings on or off?ON!
Linea Nigra?Supppppper faint bellow and above belly button

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