Hodge Podge

I have sucked big time on the blogging train this month.  Seriously.  October starts on Tuesday and I feel like all I've done this month is update you on weekly bumpdates!!

BUT!  To be fair, it's been insanely busy: I have a photoshoot (or two...or three!) booked every day until this kid hatches and this week I have felt super huge and uncomfortable and honestly have spent my down time just being lazy and sitting on the couch.  Oops.

However, I figured I'd toss a little hodge podge-y post your way for ya today to give you a bit of an insight what we've been up to lately...which is a lot!  The kids are all in activities seemingly every night of the week (and then soccer games on weekends) and gah!  It's just so busy!  Mike and I have a little pow wow every morning to talk about what's coming up for the day ahead (and heck week!) and what not to make sure we're on the same page and sleeping schedule and such.  AND OH! I've got 2 birth moms due in the next month too, so toss those mamas in there delivering and I'm actually praying for 2am deliveries so I don't have to cancel or reschedule any shoots! HAHA!

Okay!  So a little hodge podge-y post for ya today...that is gonna be alllllll over the place (like my mind lately. ha.)

Rosie has been SUPER into doing makeup (she found the makeup I had gotten for her dance recital) so she lovingly offered to do her own, her sister's and her brother's!! haha!

So I just have to quickly mention how much I adore this family AND this creek location for pics!! perhaps one of my most favorite sessions ever.  That is all.

The other morning Annie wanted to take pictures so obviously I got her a prop (Polaroid camera!) and let her go to town while I snapped away!  Goodness she's so darn cute!

We put on her camera shirt and immediately that prompted her wanting to take pics.  Gosh I hope she never changes!  I love when my kiddos love to take pics!  Melts my photog heart :)

The girls have been in dance for almost a month and they are still as excited and obsessed as ever to go every week!  I just love it...I never thought I'd be a dance mom but here I am and their joy and love for this activity makes me so happy!! 

They dance around the house ALL OF THE TIME.  Annie doing her ballet walk is the cutest thing ever btw.

We set up the Halloween decorations yesterday.

Patrick was SO EXCITED.  Like that kid loves decorating for holidays more than anyone I know!!

Ever since the girls moved into the same room, I feel like they do more sistery stuff than ever before.  And it's adorable.  They love to read together, dress up together, play with their dolls together -- all things that I remember growing up I wanted to do with a sister but never got the chance.  I feel so incredibly lucky that I get to raise two girls to do these sistery things together now!

Now, the boys around here have fun too -- I think they both love having matching haircuts when it's time for Alex's hair salon day!

And everyone (aunts and uncles included!) have so enjoyed getting to go to the big kids' soccer games lately!  Rosie had a by-week last week so we all just got to go watch P play.

He did so well and the girls had a blast watching him play!

Now, last week my new iPhone 11 Pro Max (go big or go home, right?!?!) came in and I have been just obsessed with it (naturally) as well as with the awesome camera.  I mean, check this out...top is the original pic (in the girls' super dark room!) and the bottom is my edit to tone down the pink lights.  SO GOOD!

So yeah, if you need to upgrade your phone: go get the new iPhone.  It's amazing -- the camera alone is worth it!

This week we had lots of fun times with our family -- aunts and uncles and cousins and yeah, it was a blast!  The kids are so spoiled having everyone around and SO CLOSE!

Seriously.  I am so biased but we've got the best family EVER.

And I'm tossing these pics in cause they make me laugh: we got the kids these super long gummy snakes from Sweet Be's and they were OBSESSED with them!  They all gobbled them up SO FAST!

Annie just LOVES school.  She is so excited to go everyday and comes home with a new project each day she's there!  It is the cutest thing EVER.

Alrighty friends.  That's about all I've got.  I'll leave you with some even more random hodge podge of pics and videos from the past few weeks.  I hope everyone has a great day...it's almost the weekendddd! WOOT!!

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