Parades & More!

Yep.  Sorry.

It's been a hot minute since I did a little update blog post.  I'm sorry...but life has been SO FREAKING BUSY I cannot keep up!  Haha!  Truly it has been busy...but my usual 'blog time' I've been spending napping as opposed to blogging so yeahhhhh, naps have been winning out.  Maybe I'll get back in the swing of things when life slows down (in like 5 years. haha!)

Anyways, I figured I'd throw a little hodge podge post together for you this Saturday to keep you updated on what we've been up to 'round these parts!  Nothing super exciting, just the usual Mooney antics.

First off, we spent the morning today at one of our favorite events of the year: the Greentree Parade!

The kids had a BLAST and loved every minute of it!  They got a ton of goodies that were thrown out and really just had so much fun together watching all of the floats and people in the parade!  I missed the parade last year because I had to snap a birth so I was glad I was able to be there this year for it!

Their favorite treats were definitely the apples -- Patrick got like 4 of them to eat to help his 'wiggly tooth' start to fall out!  I'm sure he'll be losing that tooth any time now!!!

My mom and dad just got back from a vacation and brought the kids wax lips!  Rosie wasn't a fan and Annie ended up chewing up hers and I had to fish the wad of it out of her mouth before nap. HAHA!

So Annie is still loving dance...A LOT!  It was watch week so I got to sit in and watch her dance and it was the cutest thing EVER.

She truly is LOVING IT so much and I am so biased but watching these girls of mine dance really is the best thing ever.  They are so darn cute!

I didn't get any pics of Rosie dancing but did get a few videos and compared to Rosie she looks like a million years older now!

Earlier this week we did a make your own pizza night for dinner and the kids absolutely LOVED IT!  I think we'll have to do more of them to come because the kids really enjoyed them and had a blast.

So Annie really loves going to school...until we're about to walk in and then she flips and says she doesn't want to go!  Tears ensue, teacher has to hold her, and then about 30 seconds after I leave she's fine and doesn't want to leave when I come pick her up! AHAHA!

But how darn cute (and old?!?!) does she look when she's headed off to school?!?  I am so biased but dang, those blonde curls just slay me!

With the big kids in school all day and Annie just half days, we've gotten to still do some one-on-one activities -- like hitting up our favorite IMOS with favorite uncles and going to the pool!

I will be sad when our little day dates come to an end when she's in full time school probably before I know it!

All 3 kiddos went to the dentist this week and had wonderful reports of great teeth!  Annie is now even more obsessed with brushing (yay!) and everyone was excited for their balloons and dentist goodie bags after a good visit!  We'll be back with all 3 of them (heck, could have another one along for the ride with me too!!) in March!

Anyways friends, that's about all I've got for this random hodge podge little post!  I'll leave you with a few random snappies and videos from the past week or so. 

I'll try to be better about posting more...but dang, it's so hard to compete against the wonderful appeal of an afternoon nap. HAHA!  Have a great one friends!

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