32 Weeks 🌈


Cannot believe it.

And I'm pretty sure I'm going to start every post from here on out like this...cause, I only have 5 more posts to goooooo!  And my 37 week post I'll have to pen the night before because we'll be enroute to have this babe nice and early that morning! EEKKKK!

I cannot believe tomorrow is October and we just have one more month to get through before we meet this little one. AHHHHHH!!! It's getting so close I cannot believe it.  And I just want to keep hitting fast-forward and make it go even faster!

What's hard though is last year at this time I was 17/18 weeks pregnant with Clark and absolutely suspecting something was going on...and now I keep seeing timehop and memories from last year pop up and it was all before the storm of October 11th hit and gah.  So so so many emotions with it.  But I refuse to hide them or erase these memories...instead I'm embracing them and sharing them because it's all I have left of our little guy and I want to remember him always and forever.  Even if it is just a picture of him in my belly with his big sister lovin' on him.

Speaking of bellies, I swear my belly this week REALLLLLLY popped out.  I'll save you the comments from some grocery store people, but yeah, I totes look full term and not like I have 5 weeks left (or heck, really 8 weeks if I was going to my due date!!).

I had a growth scan and appointment with Dr. Jen on Friday last week and all looked good on the ultrasound! At 31w4d and babe was measuring in the 81st percentile, estimated at 4lbs 12oz, so keeping with the big Mooney babies tradition it seems. And for the first time ever the tech flipped on the 3D/4D view so that was super cool to see.

I had an appointment afterwards and I think Dr. Jen sensed my growing anxiety so God bless her in suggesting 2x weekly NSTs just to help calm my nerves. She said they do recommend these with ‘high risk’ pregnancies and prior stillbirths and while my pregnancy isn’t actually classified as high risk and we know what caused Clark to be stillborn, she said she thinks it’s still a good idea to do and will probably help my anxiousness more than hurt it.

And she’s right: because when the nurse came back in and said the NST was perfect and this babe looked wonderful on the monitors (and complete flatline (aka no contractions) for 20+ minutes so yay for that), I did feel a sense of relief, especially as I head into a busy weekend and onto 32 weeks come Monday. Whew. Gosh. Pregnancy after loss is truly indescribable, and while I am so so so thankful this babe is growing and healthy, I truly cannot wait for these bumpdates to be over and have that babe snuggled in my arms breathing and screaming on the outside. 🌈

Other than that, not much else is a'happenin...just keeping super SUPER busy (which is good...keeps my mind busy!!) snapping and getting a few things prepped here and there for this kiddo (I actually let myself buy a few outfits and new bottles for this babe!).   And my mom finally got to feel this kiddo move the other day too!! :) The BEST. Alrighty friends, that's all I've got...until week 33, adios!!

Current Gender Prediction?BOY
Baby is the size of...Pineapple
Cravings?Milk Chocolate & Sea Salt covered Almonds
Overall mood?Excitedly Anxious. Terrified. Repeat.
Rings on or off?On...kind of. Hoping the 90 degrees breaks and I can wear them all the time again!
Linea Nigra?Supppppper faint bellow and above belly button

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