1SE: March 2021

Unlike March of 2020, which lasted a million years, this month FLEW by.  And what a month it was!  So many adventures, a spring break trip, nicer weather, time with family and friends -- and gah! Little glimpses of our 'old' normal coming back each and every day it seems.

For the first time in nearly a year it seems, I am really looking forward to this next month and what we have upcoming without the crippling fear that things will never ever get better or back to normal.  While I still think our old 'normal' is still a ways off, I am loving all of the glimpses we've been getting again...and I'm sure more to come soon.

And while I've got you here...here's days 1 - 90 of #MooneyCaptionless365! WOOT!

Onto April we goooooooooo!!!

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