To Florida We Go!

Ahhhhhh, what an amazing vacay we had in Florida!! I'm writing this post clearly after we got back (totes sucked on the blogging train this month. Oops. IT WAS A BUSY ONE GIVE ME A BREAK!!!) but wanted to give some highlights of our adventures down to Melbourne Beach!

We got to break in our brand new girl (van) ASAP literally days after we bought her and she proved to be amazing on our trip down and back!  So spacious and comfortable and the extra amenities for the kiddos of the DVD player and WiFi were such an added bonus treat. 

The only thing I wanted to do on this trip was NOTHING.  We had zero plans (and truly stuck to it, minus an airboat ride to see some gators one morning that we sporadically decided to do!) and spent every single day playing on the beach, swimming in the waves, and jumping in the pool.  The kids were in HEAVEN and this was totally my kind of 'relaxing' vacation - relaxing as it can be with 4 kids in tow!

I took wayyyyyy too many pictures (oops. I mean, does this surprise you though?!??!) and legit have over 400 I popped in our Florida album...which I'm sparing you from dumping all of them here so you can check them out over here if you'd like to see them all.  Instead I picked out a few of my favorites to share that highlight our week and then if you wanna see them all hit up this link.  Oh! We also got our own family snaps done!! OMG I am so freaking obsessed with them!  Check out my next post all about those :) 

All in all it was a wonderful week and I truly cannot wait to go back!  Mom/dad, if you're reading this: book that place for next year cause we cannot wait to head back to the beachhhhhh!!!

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