Photo Dumpin'

Playing catch-up here on this last day of the month. Gah. I do this every.single.month.  Blog like nothing and then BAM!  A million posts on the last day of the month cause I sit down to do my 1SE post and realize UH-OH I haven't shared anything this month! I mean, life is so so so busy and as much as I love blogging it has taken a bit of a back-burner...but I still do love doing this and essentially keeping this digital baby (or toddler...or kid!) book for my I decide to do some end of the month posts to get all caught up.  Better late than never, right?! RIGHT.

Anyhoo, this post is a gigantic photo dump.

Unlike last March that seemingly never ever ended, we've been way busy this March with trips and school and work and all of the things!  Life is definitely not back to 'normal' like it was pre-2020, but I feel like each and every day we're getting little glimmers of that old life back and it's freaking AMAZING.  And I hope and pray we continue to keep on this path back to our old normal (or as close to it as possible!) each and every day.

So!  Enjoy this splattering of photos -- I know I sure did capturing them!  Golly how I love my little fam bam - and I'm so excited to see what the rest of this year holds for us!  

Wasn't that a fun little Mooney photo onslaught?! SO MANY PICS, huh?!?! Sorry. Not really. I do feel way better getting all of these off of my chest (read: phone) and onto this little piece of my internet. Haha, I hope you lasted through all of those snaps.  I'm sure I'll have another one for you next month...and I'm sure you just can't wait for it, can you?! ;-)

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