So I've totally been on the struggle bus lately with blogging (gah! I know! But I'm here now so yay for that) and have missed documenting some funsie little things that have been happening 'round these parts. 

Anyhoo, way back on the last day of the crap year which was 2020, we ordered a Peloton Bike+. And 7ish weeks later, at the end of February, that massive beast came and oh boy!! It's every single thing that it was chalked up to be and more.

I had seen my friends (both IRL ones and internet buddies) rave about it and I always kinda rolled my eyes on it like yeah yeah it's a stationary bike, how cool can it be?

But friends.  Let me tell you.  It is amazing and all that it is chalked up to be! I LOVE IT.

I love the variety of rides and instructors and hard-ness levels they have too.  It's so great.  They have Disney rides and oldies rides and pop rides and everything in between -- they even have a Wicked ride!  I looooooove it so much and even have a few favorite instructors already.  And we got the Bike+ that has a swivel screen so we can turn the screen and do other workouts (yoga, lifting, stretches, etc...) and that is pretty awesome too. 

We bought Patrick some cages so he can ride with his tennis shoes (Mike and I each have clip in Peloton bike shoes we use) and he is OBSESSED.  He's got his own Peloton name (@patpatmoon) and loves riding so much nearly every single day. 

There's really zero point to this post other than me singing my love for this new little bike.  A purchase I made just for me (well, us, Mike too!) and our wellness -- something that I feel like gets neglected being in the thick of parenthood and everything that goes with it.  So yeah, if you're on the fence about pulling the trigger on a Peloton (or any workout equipment) I have an answer for you: just do it.  You'll be so darn thankful that you did!

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