4th of July: 2021 Edition

Since 2020 was a garbage dump, Teddy missed out on experiencing his first fireworks on the 4th of July.

Welp friends, NOT THIS YEAR!  This year things were sooooo close to back to normal, and Ted finally got to experience - albeit a year late - his first true 4th of July with fireworks!

We did what have done in years past (minus 2020. Still made at you COVID for ruining so much!) - we marched in the neighborhood parade in the morning, played all afternoon in the pool, then headed to Grandma and Grandpa Moo's house for dinner and to walk up to the fireworks at the park!  The big kids got to spend the earlier part of the weekend at KiKi's Lake with Mike and NeeNee and Gramps (Ted and I stayed home cause I had photoshoots booked and good timing a 36 week birth client had her baby early!) - and they truly had a blast and a jam-packed weekend of 4th of July fun!

We really had a blast and the kids were SO GOOD - I think they very much remember last year too and missing SO MUCH and were just as excited as Mike and I for finally getting back to a bit of normal with our holiday routines and fun.

The kids had a blast all day long - and loved getting to stay up so late watching the fireworks!  They also looooooved dancing to the 'pre-game' fireworks band too :) 

Teddy just LOVED the fireworks and was completely mesmerized by them too.

Ahhhh, 4th of July, you'll forever be one of my favorite holidays!  So much to celebrate and so much to be thankful for - especially this year with missing out on SO MUCH last.  I cannot wait to see what 2022 holds in store! :) 

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