Snaps with Victoria

Can I just say it's pretty freaking amazing having so many photog friends?! Especially one who is your photog partner and bestie?!!

Cause it's pretty amazing.

Victoria just opened her brand new amazing natural light studio and has a massive client closet of the cutest, boho dresses and gowns and kids clothes and SO MUCH!

She invited me and the kiddos out to see her studio and model some of her client closet DUH! We had to go out there and check it out - and of course get some snaps too.

I literally just shared a few of our pics - cause OMG we got so many!  You can check them all out here if you'd like :) 

We also did some nursing pics (20+ months strong here!!) with Ted and I and OMG. I love them so so so much! We snuck in a few pics with all of the kiddos too which I just am swooning over still.

And I brought my camera too to get some behind the scenes snaps (and a video too!) of Victoria in action...which I think it's so cool to see what she sees vs. what we see. 

Anyways, we had an absolute blast and I just adore all of these pics SO SO SO much!!

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