Patrick's First Communion

So I totally thought I blogged about this...and, welp, NOPE I SURE DID NOT.

Oopsy daisy ONCE AGAIN.

Way back in April Patrick made his First Communion!  Back in January he made his first reconciliation, and a few months later he got to make his First Communion!

Much like the school year, this was a super weird year with PSR as 100% of it was done AT HOME online (read: NOT MY FAVORITE THING AT ALL).  And this made it a bit difficult in prep work for the sacraments that were so central to 2nd grade, but I think despite all of the pandemic protocols, we made the best of it. 

Fortunately, both Mike and I were able to attend his First Communion (in person!!) and it was just wonderful.  Our big guy is truly growing up!

And what was great was that it was livestreamed too, so our friends and family were able to watch along online with P making his First Communion.

We skipped a big party (thanks COVID) - but I don't think Patrick really even noticed or realized that was 'a thing' (he probably will in 2 years when Rosie has a party. oops.) - but we tried to make the best of it and so special for him with fun presents (his Pope socks were his favorite gifts!) and special treats (donuts!).

And then his professional pics came in and, duh, once again, Alex here can't not purchase these!

Anyways, we are so proud of our little Catholic boy and hoping this next year things return to a bit of normalcy for him (and Rosie too!) and he's back in PSR in person! Fingers crossed for that :-) Cause mama here is not a PSR teacher AT ALL and would like to leave that up to the pros. HA!

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