Wrappin' Up the 2020-2021 School Year (a couple months late. oops!)

Well this post is super late...but! As is my jam lately - better late than never, right?! RIGHT!

So yes, the weird, awkward, crazy, pandemic school year of 2020-2021 is officially OVER.  And as much as I hated that Rosie was doing kindergarten during this year, it did wrap up so well for her (and I think she doesn't know any different from what it 'could have been', so savoring in that!) and I am so thankful.  

The big kids spent 3/4th of the year in person, Monday through Thursday and virtual on Fridays.  To say I hated Fridays from October on is an understatement, but we won't dwell on that and focus on the fact that come August they will be back FULL TIME 5 days a week! WOOT!  Annie started and ended her 3s preschool year in person (minus a couple of quarantines for class exposures) - and I cannot believe this chickadee is about to start her final year of preschool before kindergarten!

This year was weird. Period.  The kids were 'socially distanced" (I will hate those words forever, btw) as much as possible, masked 100% of the time at school (minus lunch), and barriers were set up to keep them separated from their classmates as much as possible.

I mean, how freaking cute are they?! AND DUH! I had to do some comparison snappies from their first day of school too...

Golly they grew SO MUCH this past year!  And truly, I think we don't give this school-age kid generation enough credit for all that they have endured...I'm sure we'll be singing their praises for years to come! 

Despite the garbage dump of COVID restrictions, these three really made the best of their year that they were given and I think are SO EXCITED to head into pre-k 4s, 1st and 3rd grade looking forward to hopefully some more glimpses of the old normal they are use to.

I'll end this post with the spring pictures the big kids got taken that I got suckered into buying...cause I can't NOT buy a school photo! HAHA! Here's to an amazing 2021-2022 school year...and hopefully a whole lot of return to normal!

Happy rest of summer friends...and here's to a great new school year starting NEXT MONTH!!!

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