Rosie & Annie's Dance Recital 2021

I'm not gonna lie, I SO LOOK FORWARD to the girls' dance recital each and every year.

Lucille Rapp Dance Studio puts on such a fabulous show every single year (our third this year!) and I truly look forward to going and watching these tiny dancers perform.

This year was no exception - unlike last year when I was the only one in the audience and was snapping pics for everyone, this time there was a live audience (with assigned seats, that we somehow lucked out on getting the front row! woot!) and we got to see our tiny dancers perform in person!

The girls were SO EXCITED for their performances - Rosie was doing an Acro routine, Annie was doing a ballet one - and I was just so excited to watch them live, as we weren't allowed in the studio at all this year (thanks COVID), so their dances were truly a brand new viewing for us! And how darn cute did these girlies of mine look?!  I totes blew this photo up huge and put it on a canvas for their bedroom!

Mike, myself, KiKi, Grandma Moo, Patrick, and my mom were all in attendance and we were just so excited to watch the girls perform!! And they did AHHH-MAZING!

I mean, weren't they so cute!? And they did so good!!

All in all, it was such a wonderful day (they got flowers after their performance too which they LOOOOOVED! and got to see their second cousin Bennie perform too!!) and I cannot wait to see them perform next summer after their year of working so hard at dance!

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