29 weeks.

First off, let me just scream it from the rooftops of the blog: noooooooooo gestational diabetes for this gal!  WOOT WOOT!!  I left off in my 28 week post that I was doing the 3-hour glucose test the next day and was oh-so-hoping that I'd pass it.  Well, low-and-behold (after waiting all weekend and convincing myself that I was going to fail), my doc's nurse called on Monday and told me all of my levels were completely normal and that I didn't have gestational diabetes, nor did I need any further testing.  YAYYYYY!  I was so excited to hear that.  A big sigh of relief set over me.

So with that good news, week 28 finished up nicely and week 29 has started off well!  I'm still (shockingly, to me!) feeling good and haven't had any real issues that I KNOW I was experiencing at this point with Patrick (ahhhh! chronic lower back pain!)--which makes me think that this kid is sitting higher (girl perhaps?!) and not putting oh-so-much pressure on my poor back.

I do like this handy little comparison pic I whipped up--baby is definitely growing!  And I apparently like to wear the same outfit + hairstyle on the weekends.  But it definitely looks like this kid is sitting up higher to me--so yes, my guess is still a girl.

Unrelated to this pregnancy, but I just wanted to share: my FAVORITE headband place Brady Bands just came out with a donut headband and OMG.  It's my new favorite thing.  You all know my deep affinity for donuts, and now I can show that love off everyday.  I am very excited about this.

So not much else is a'happening going into week 29.  I have another prenatal appointment next week--I go every 2 weeks now!--so hopefully that one will go well.  I am always interested now to see how big my belly is measuring (and if it measures too big if I get any bonus ultrasounds out of it like I did with Patrick!).  It's only been 1 week ahead the past couple visits, but I think it was at week 31 last time that it jumped and was measuring 3-4 weeks ahead...so we'll see!  Until week 30, adios friends!

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