New Years in Florida

As we close out our end of 2014/beginning of 2015 vacay to Florida, I wanted to share a few pics of our past couple days down here, as we are heading back north way early tomorrow.\

the little man looking hammy at dinner the other night.

After a fun-filled day at Lovers' Key Beach, we spent yesterday just hanging by the big pool and playground (where I shockingly didn't take any pics!  GASP!  I know, right?!!) and then after Patrick's nap we headed to my cousin Jack's for a New Years' Eve party to close out 2014 and ring in 2015 (spoiler: we made it until about 9pm before we called it a night and headed home).

So Jack and Steph have a pool and that is Patrick's current love language--dude spent ALL.NIGHT.LONG. in the pool.  Seriously.  Like couldn't get him out of the Mike spent the entire night in the pool chasing our little fish around.

After a delicious dinner of smoked turkey, and about 3+ hours of swimming for Patrick, we called it a night about 9pm and headed back to my aunt and uncles to go to sleep.  Yes, we didn't make it until midnight...but we didn't need to--we sent out 2014 in style and welcomed in 2015 with open arms!

We decided to spend the morning today at the Naples Pier and Beach before Patrick's nap and a BBQ (and Mizzou game) back at my aunt and uncle's house.  It was kind of cloudy this morning but it seemed like once we got to the beach and pier it burned off a bit.  Patrick really loved the ocean and beach again (parents of the year here didn't put his suit on and his clothes got soaked. woops.) but got oh-so-whiny when he shorts got a bit wet/sandy and then I (not Mike, but ME) wouldn't carry him back to the car.  Oyyyyy.  Mike and I think the excessive whining this week has been because we've been "go go go" all week, he's out of his element, lots of sun, not as much sleep, and out of his normal routine.  HOPEFULLY he'll be less whiny when we get back to STL this weekend.

We did have a great time at the beach and pier this morning, despite a whiny little boy, and on our way home Mike was able to score a police patch trade with a Naples cop--so that was exciting for him.  Growing his collection!

We are just hanging out and BBQing the rest of the day before our very early departure tomorrow morning.  It has been a fantastic trip, great family time, and I have loved watching Patrick enjoy all of these new experiences and feel so blessed that he's our little boy and I'm his mama.  Ahhh, vacation does that to you, doesn't it?!!

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