National Dress Up Your Pet Day

The post title says it all.  It is officially National Dress Up Your Pet Day!  I realized late last night I haven't done a Scooter dedicated post in quite some time, so I figured I'd whip one up and publish it early this morning to pay homage to this day and Scoots donning some of his {my} favorite costumes/outfits he's worn in the past.  So, here it goes!

And, side note, as I was picking these pics out, I noticed a LOT of them are themed with bacon--I guess I like to dress Scoots up for his #BegginPartner pics on Instagram!  Haha!

Looking very festive at the 2014 Beggin' Pet Parade

Cinco de Mayo! Ayo!

The best looking 4-legged Cardinals fan I know.

Wishing he would have been cast in the Wizard of Oz

Bacon overload!!

Nevermind he's a boy.  He can pull off a regal princess anyday.

Detective Scooter, reporting for duty!

Scooter is a super sidekick!  Side note: if you haven't checked out TinySuperheroes before, DO IT NOW.  You won't regret it--it's amazing!

Sportin' some cloth lovin' in one of Patrick's adorable Applecheeks!


Writing his memoirs. 

Sunglasses alone totes count for dressing up BTW.


Light reading in his fancy shirt and professional glasses.


Google nerd.

Birthday Scooter!

Bunny Scoots.

Thrilled to be donning some Turkey Day festive wear.

Office Scooter!

Looking handsome from our 6.9.12 wedding

OF COURSE I had to include some pics of our beloved pet dressed up in conjunction with his baby brother Patrick.  Here are some of my faves.

PS-how are are these types of pics gonna be to pull off when there's 1 dog and 2 humans?!!  Stay tuned...

Onesie twins!

Fluffy bum twins!

Christmas jammie twins!

Being each other for Halloween.

The cutest little Cardinals fans I know.

Don't mess with the heat.

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